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Friday, 10 October 2014

Malala Yousafzai Wins The Nobel Peace Prize With Kailash Satyarthi

The Nobel Peace Prize was today awarded to Pakistan's Malala Yousafzai and India's Kailash Satyarthi for their struggle against the suppression of young people's and children's right to education.

Malala came to global attention after she was shot in the head by the Taliban - 2 years ago and has become a leading advocate for girls' rights to education.

According to the Nobel committee, at 17 she's the youngest ever peace prize winner. The youngest winner before her was 32 years old.
Satyarthi, age 60, has shown great personal courage in heading peaceful demonstrations focusing on the grave exploitation of children for financial gain, the committee said.

"The Nobel Committee regards it as an important point for a Hindu and a Muslim, an Indian and a Pakistani, to join in a common struggle for education and against extremism," it said.

"It has been estimated that there are 168 million child labourers around the world today. In 2000 the figure was 246 million".
The prize comes with it a monetary reward of 8 million Swedish kronor (about $1.1 million) to be shared between the 2 joint winners.

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