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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Gospel Artist Lisa C Opens Up About Being Childless After 11 Years of Marriage

Elizabeth Ndidi Moses, aka Liza-C, is a popular gospel artist who has several successful albums to her credit. The singer who has been married for 11 years opened up recently about  how she has survived childlessness since she got married many years ago.

She said: “This is the 11th year of being in a marriage without a child. But it is not an issue in my marriage because my husband and I have come to an understanding on what we want from God. There was a time we wanted to opt for adoption, but we had to pray and think about the option. We found out that that was not what we wanted. We will adopt, but it will be after we have had our own children who will be twins: a boy and a girl. That is what He has told us.”

When asked if there has been pressure from any quarters, she said: “It has got to the stage, where our parents cannot even intervene. That is how close we are. They have seen that they cannot penetrate into any of us. So, the only thing they do is to call and tell us they are praying for us. That is how marriage should be. External bodies should not be allowed, so as to avoid problems in the marriage."

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