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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Covenant University Graduates Set to Change the Face of Recruitment in Nigeria

Meet the brains behind PushCV, a team of 4 young men and 2 women who met and graduated from Covenant University, Ota. The young entrepreneurs who are all still under 30 have their eyes set on transforming the corporate environment through capacity development. They had a chat recently with Ruth Olurounbi of the Tribune, read excerpts from the interview below:

Somtochukwu Ifezue is the founder of PushCV, a platform that helps their users know exactly what to improve upon to achieve success in their career. “PushCV is not just about submitting your CV for a job listing, like other platforms in Nigeria,” the team explained, rather, it is more about capacity development", he said. “In PushCV, we do not only push jobs, we basically encourage people to take courses, develop themselves and in return, we send their CVs to companies and employers that are looking for their skills.

"We have found out that these days, employers are more interested in getting results, not just people. So, what we've done is that we tailored the system around capacity building – to help people to take an inward look at themselves to improve themselves – and we will do the rest for them,” Ifezue said.
Ifezue also shed light on what made them decide to set up this platform “We have been involved interviews for some time and the responses we got are not encouraging. There was a time we interviewed a gentleman for a position and he identified his areas of strength as punctuality. Meanwhile, he was an hour later for the interview. When we asked him what his weaknesses were, he said ‘girls. 

Then we thought to ourselves, this is a problem we can offer solutions to. We started with mentoring people on how to write their CVs and job interviews but then we thought this wasn't enough. So we decided to tailor in capacity building development into the solutions we are offering. And this how PushCV came to be, Ifezue said.

 Ifezue is an engineer and behind the designing of the website. Joshua Chibueze, co-founder and Head, Marketing, has a Computer Science background. Giving his love for designs, branding, social media and marketing, it was only natural that he designed the PushCV brands and logos. Chibueze took the question of what the long-term goal of PushCV was to change to face of recruitment in Nigeria, Africa and the world, “using Nigeria as a case study, trying our product, seeing the response and we scale from there. The system is actually a flexible one. Everything was done from the scratch and it is very scalable.”

Ayo Akinola, co-founder and Head, Business Development, rounded off the session with the company’s end goal: “We believe that when people are employed into an organisation, that organisation grows and expands, thereby creating more jobs for other people and then these people that we are trying to bring into these organisations as well, our goal for them is capacity building. If you develop yourself, your key areas and your skills, there is no way if you apply for jobs, that you will not get them. Companies now are looking for people that can do the job, not CVs. Companies are looking for people that will take the company forward. If all you have is a good CV, they will employ you today and deploy you tomorrow.”

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