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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

9jaflave Talkback - Should Married Couples Live Apart Even When It is For Good Reason?

Most of us are very familiar with tales of long distant relationships, you must have had friends unburden their hearts about the pain and worries that come with a long distance relationship. But when it comes to long distance marriages, where couples live apart for one legitimate reason or the other, many argue that it's for the good of the family, while others say that it marks the beginning of cracks in the union.

Recently the wife of a very popular minister of the gospel filed for divorce from her husband, they had virtually lived apart for a very long time. How then do you get to really know your spouse when you are living miles apart? How do you deal with temptations that will likely come your way? When couples live apart, Is it in the best interest of the marriage union? Share your thoughts with me on this one.

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