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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

9jaflave Talkback - Is it Worth It When Women Sacrifice Their Careers for Marriage and Motherhood?

Hello Guys!!! 9jaflave Talkback remains your platform where we will be tackling various life issues, airing our voices and learning a few things from other people's experiences via the comments section. Today I am asking - Is it worth it when women sacrifice their careers for marriage and motherhood? It is still true that today some men would rather have their wives stay home and take of the home-front and kids. Some women have also given up good careers to raise their children.

Can a woman truly balance the demands of raising children and the demands of a very successful and well paying job? Is she being foolish when she walks out on a very good job, settles for self- employment just to have more time for her growing family?

It is normal now to find working moms who have left their children at the mercy of nannies and daycares. They have no choice as they have to support their husbands whose income alone can't carry the family. Some other women have chosen their careers over their husbands and children, they have sacrificed their families for a place at the top. So is it really worth it when a woman forfeits her career for marriage and motherhood? Share your thoughts with me on this one. XOXO

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