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Sunday, 26 October 2014

9jaflave Talkback - What Is That Special And Unforgettable Thing About Your Mother?

A mother's love for her child remains one of the true pictures of what love really is - Sacrifice, commitment and dedication against all odds. The media was recently filled with the story of some young children who were attacked by dogs. One of the children's scalp was badly eaten by one of the dogs, policemen and onlooker watched the deadly attack and did nothing, but a mother driven by love charged in and rescued her son.

She recently spoke out saying the mother in her propelled her actions. She just could not join others to watch dogs eat up her child alive. So in what ways do you remember your mother and that sacrificial action she took that saved your life? What is that special and unforgettable thing about her?

Many times we take for granted those little things mothers do, sleepless nights caring for a sick child, hurting knees in prayer, love untamed. We must learn to be thankful and appreciate the gift of mothers at all times. So what is that sacrificial action carried out by your mother that has saved your life and made you who you are today. Share your thoughts with me on this one.......

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