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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Check Out Why You May Be Smoking Your Money and Health Away

I saw this short write-up here about the other side of smoking. Just imagine how much time put into smoking that could have channelled into other productive things. The writer communicates a great message and gives smokers something to ponder about. Read below

Meet Ifeanyi, a youth corper who picked up smoking in his final year at the university. He is now a chain smoker, burning a total of 20 sticks a day.

MONEY; Each day, Ifeanyi spends ₦200 on cigarettes, that is more than what some Nigerians earn daily. Every week, he will spend ₦1,400 on cigarettes, this is enough for BIS, leaving him some change to call his girlfriend(s) or relatives. By the end of his service year, he would have spent over ₦72,000 on cigarettes. That’s enough money for a TV and/or a laptop, leaving him with some money left over.

; It takes about 4 minutes to finish smoking a cigarette. If you add up Ifeanyi’s smoking time each day, he spends about 80 minutes puffing on cigarettes, that’s almost a full football game. Every week, he will spend a total of 9 hours smoking, the same length of time it takes to travel from Lagos to Abuja by road. Imagine him puffing on cigarettes on this whole trip! At the end of his service year, he would have spent the equivalent of 20 days smoking. That is enough time to have learned a new language, how to run, to play the guitar, etc.

LIFETIME WASTED: On the average, a smoker’s lifespan reduces by 12 minutes per cigarette. For every day that Ifeanyi smokes, he loses 4 hours of his life. For every week that he smokes, he loses 28 hours. That is more than one full day of his life erased each week. By the end of his service year, Ifeanyi - the chain smoker that he is - would have shortened his life expectancy by an alarming 61 days! Ifeanyi may probably never do the math to see what this habit costs in terms of money, time and health. Please if you know Ifeanyi, do paint this picture for him today. Thanks

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