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Saturday, 13 September 2014

Ngure Ndiritu - The 8 Year Old Who Has Written and Published His First Book

Ngure Ndiritu is an 8 year old who has written and published his first work,  a collection of short stories titled "Out of the Box". This feat makes Ngure one of the youngest - if not the youngest - published Kenyan author.

Parents should create a conducive environment for children to identify their talents earlier, former President Mwai Kibaki has said. He was speaking at the launch of the book. Kibaki said the society should give children platforms to express themselves. "Children's stories reflect the true human spirit of giving and caring," Kibaki said. "They tell the purest of stories, untainted by prejudice or twisted by sarcasm."

The former president urged the society to foster such talent. "Many children can write but they are told to wait until they become adults." He said children should be helped because writing will help them excel in written communication and make them future authors. Kibaki said that a man who does not read has no advantage over one who cannot. He said the book expresses views held by children irrespective of origin. Ndiritu is the son of former Industrialisation assistant minister Nderitu Mureithi, who served in Kibaki's regime.

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