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Saturday, 27 September 2014

Meet UAE's First Female Fighter Pilot

Meet Maj. Mariam Al MansouriUnited Arab Emirates first female fighter pilot. She also led a strike mission this week against the terror group, ISIS. The UAE has joined the United States and a handful of other Arab nations in conducting airstrikes against ISIS in Syria.

CNN spoke to Al Mansouri earlier this year about her work. She had wanted to be a fighter pilot since she finished high school, but had to wait until women were allowed. "At that time, the doors were not open for females to be pilots. So I had to wait almost 10 years for the decision to be taken," Al Mansouri said.

She stressed there's no difference between men and women when it comes to defending their country.
"We are in a hot area so that we have to prepare every citizen," Al Mansouri said. "Of course, everybody is responsible for defending their country, male or female. When the time will come, everybody will jump in."

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