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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Limpopo Crooner Kcee's Take On The Poor Lyrical Content of Nigerian Music Today

Limpopo crooner Kcee shared his thoughts on the poor lyrics generated by most Nigerian artists today. In his words Nigerians are more interested in danceable songs, not the message of the song. Sing about boobs, bum and booze and they are happy. For me personally, I think this is quite sad and explains why most of these songs fade away as quickly as they come. 

What is your take on the lyrical content of you contemporary singers?The fact is that Nigerian music is different from the way it used to be. Looking at most songs of 20 years ago, there are a lot of content and messages. However, the society we are in today has changed, and the kind of songs we sing is not an exception. We are in the era of commercial music and that pressure is really affecting the content of music in Nigeria. Because everybody wants to make money, they have messed up everything. 

People out there also are not ready to listen to stories. We are being pushed to sing the kind of songs that will make them happy. They just want to dance and ease themselves. They are not ready to take time to listen to the message. Once it is ‘danceable,’ every other thing is inconsequential. The creative ones among us that write songs have tried severally to write songs with good messages, but it doesn’t sell like the street-hop, dance songs. So, what do we do? Sing about boobs, bum and booze, they are always happy. 

It is not like we can’t write good content but the society should also understand that music is business too. We want to feed from it. We have to do what will put food on our table. We are not more on 80 tempo but 130. This is not applicable to Nigeria alone, it is affecting other parts of Africa. Music is simply business. However, like the meaning of Ogadinma, everything will come back to normal.

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