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Friday, 19 September 2014

Ized Uanikhehi - The Young Nigerian Female Entrepreneur Running Several Businesses

Meet Ized Uanikhehi, the young Nigerian female entrepreneur who is the managing Partner of Resourcedat, an online library for Nigerian documents and data. Most of the documents available on the website are free to download. She is also a social media brand marketer and runs some other businesses. Read excerpts from her inspiring interview with the Tribune below:

I understand its Nigeria’s first. My question is what inspires this kind of business/initiative?The inspiration behind Resourcedat is our desire to ensure Nigerians from all works of life have access to documents and data required for decision making, academic research and history. The founder of Resourcedat, Ugodre Obi-Chukwu decided on this idea when he was trying to research his thesis and found Nigeria did not have a repository website for data.

How has been Nigerians’ response to this website?
The response has been fantastic so far. Most of our visitors are awed by the resources available on the website and commend us for our efforts. This inspires us to want to do more.

I know you dabbled into some businesses. Tell me, what kinds of businesses do you do?
Other businesses, okay, I am a social media brand marketer, I market brands on social media, this is not the regular awareness noise making campaign people do on social media. We ensure to sell our clients brand, and create leads while sticking to brand message and in line with the client’s budget, we are quite effective.

I also run an outfit called Distributors Naija, an errand and distribution company, we distribute flyers, letters, invites, resumes, company profiles around Nigeria. We are available to run errands like dry cleaning pick up, groceries pick up, etc in Abuja, Lagos, Edo, Oyo, Imo and PH. Distributors Naija is going green in October and our distributions and errand will be done with bicycles, which makes it cheaper, we pick up items you forgot somewhere. For now, we are starting with Lagos.

And there is the AfterParty Cleaners we clean up event venues, wash dishes, dry-clean table clothes, shine glass, pack up after parties. Finally, there is “Just Bin it” this is not a business, it’s a campaign aimed at teaching youths and kids to not litter, rather throw garbage and dirts and litter in the trash cans.

Sometimes ago, you did a wonderful article on networking tips. That article tells me you do speaking engagements, or am I wrong?No, you are not wrong. I do speaking engagements and training, mostly on social media for businesses and on networking.

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