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Saturday, 13 September 2014

9jaflaveTalkBack - Is A Husband Being Selfish When He Insists on Eating Freshly Cooked Meals Everyday?

Many of you would have heard stories from wives who say their husbands do not eat leftover meals. That is, for example, he does not eat the same soup or meal twice. It has to be freshly cooked by her and served everyday.

So I threw this at some of my colleagues, the man simply blurted out angrily that some men are very selfish. The female said, that husband must be a joker, that after she stresses herself out at work and returns, he expects her to be cooking soup everyday for him. I kept insisting that they look at it from both different viewpoints. What of a woman whose hubby must take breakfast before leaving for work everyday? Does that make the man selfish too?

I believe that marriage is all about compromise and sacrifice. Each couple's needs differ and meeting each other's needs varies at different levels. Love helps us keep that balance. So back to my title question, Is a husband being selfish when he insists on eating freshly cooked meals everyday? Share your thoughts with me on this one. XOXO

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