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Friday, 19 September 2014

9jaFlave TalkBack - Should Couples Have Access To Each Others ATM Cards and Passwords?

Some of you will definitely have met people or heard stories of wives who are thrown into a state of confusion after losing their spouses. The reason being they had no idea of what their husband's businesses entailed, no clue about his financial state, how much he had in the bank, his transactions, his ATM card passwords, his pin codes etc.

I personally learnt of a woman at Trade fair market, Ojo who lost one of her late husband's shops to his worker simply because she didn't know how many shops the husband had in that market. The worker played smart on her ignorance and took over one of oga's shop. While some will place boundaries as couples, others remain open and lay all things bare for their better half.

Sometimes it becomes a matter of trust when some men can't simply trust their wives with their financial details, all because of their lack of prudence and materialistic tendencies. So they keep all secret information about their bank details and passwords to themselves. But does this help couples especially when the financial security of your family is involved. Do you think Couples should have access to each others ATM cards and passwords? Share your thoughts with me on this one. XOXO

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