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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

9jaflave TalkBack - Indecent Dressing In The Church

I remember one Sunday morning some months ago, I had to drop off my son at the children's church, walking right in front of me was another mother whose church outfit really got me thinking. Did she see what she had on before leaving her home? I wondered. Her gown was way too short, and to think that she had come to worship God and fellowship with other believers dressed like that made me shake my head.

When do you draw the line between looking good and indecent dressing? Indecent dressing has become a norm in most churches today. Women step out to church in outfits that make you wonder if their dressing that way is an intentional move or just a laid back attitude all in the name of fashion. Do these women really get to think of the consequences of their actions? Has Christianity become anything goes? Should it not be about reflecting real values and modelling true character even in your dressing?

Well, for the young mother in her micro-mini gown to church, who tried to distract my focus that Sunday morning, I am sure she spent a better part of the service trying to cover her thighs from prying and lustful eyes. So guys what do you think about Indecent dressing in the Church. Is it the Church's role to set the record straight or for women to set real standards and values for themselves? Share your thoughts with me on this one. XOXO

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