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Monday, 29 September 2014

9jaflave Soliloquy - Why Our Pastors Must Address Indecent Dressing to Church in Their Sermons Regularly

I had a wonderful time at church yesterday and was blessed by the powerful message on the gains of obedience. While the service was rounding up, and my mind ruminating over the words I had heard, some distraction came along from those already leaving service, I watched as many people made their way to the exit. I had different emotions build up within me as I looked at some outfits some women wore to service. I was angry, I was sad and I just shook my head. Why do women debase women really?

Why are our pastors not taking out time to speak about indecent dressing to church in their sermons? Perhaps such messages will liberate some of these women and help them grow into maturity as Christians. I am a bit concerned when a young woman wears something so short to church and feels very comfortable in it. It is embarrassing when a fellow woman's boobs is literally pouring out and she is less concerned about it. Church ought not be just a place where you receive happy go words, but a place where your life is truly transformed and this begins to reflect in your words, actions, character and personality.

If only our pastors will just preach more messages on the true Christian life and how that life can reflect even in the way you dress and carry yourself, some of these women will have their consciences touched. Perhaps a few of them will realize that their indecent way of dressing debases womanhood and can cause a brother to sin. If our pastors can find ways to enforce decent dressing in their services, many more people will have their gaze fixed on God and will be less distracted. Most times they say, let them come as they are, but even when they come, they must not remain the same, something has to change especially in the way they dress.

As for me, I only hope one day, Church will be a place where there will be much more inspiration and not distractions from women who chose to showcase their bodies and flaunt what they have. Remember you will be addressed the way you are dressed. Let your conscience always be your judge every time you put on an outfit. Have a great week ahead.

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