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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Mulaudzi Bicycle Tours Founder - You Must Never Give Up As An Entrepreneur

Meet South Africa's Jeffrey Mulaudzi, the 22 year old entrepreneur who saw an opportunity, worked on it and today owns a thriving business, Mulaudzi Bicycle Tours. During the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa, entrepreneurial activity boomed as South Africans prepared to host an influx of sporting fans and tourists from around the world. However, even long after the world cup, this young man's business has continued to thrive.

Mulaudzi Bicycle Tours is currently ranked as one of the top 5 activities in Johannesburg by TripAdvisor, and has won him awards. Mulaudzi was born and raised in Alexandra and is well aware of the negative images associated with the township. He decided that the best way to show his tutor the “real” Alexandra would be on a bicycle ride which allowed better interaction with the community. And after successfully showing his tutor around, he saw an opportunity in introducing his home to others, not just the usual tourism sites, but the lifestyle and people.

He started out by making tour brochures and handing them out at hotels, but later found out that they were thrown in the trash. “One day I went to one hotel and dropped my brochures off, and the concierge thanked me and then dropped them in the bin as I went out. Luckily a guest waiting by the concierge saw him doing that and asked for one which was rescued from the bin. He then called me for a tour for the next day,” he said. With the money from his first tour, Mulaudzi started paying hotels to display his brochures and the investment very quickly paid off as tourism boomed in 2010. The money he earned went towards buying more bicycles so he could increase his tour numbers.

Today he has 3 tour guides and hosts, on average, around 3 tours a week although this fluctuates depending on the time of year. In addition to tourists, Mulaudzi has also seen a growing number of South Africans take his tours to experience township life. Tours cost R200 (US$18.75) for two and a half hours, or R400 ($37.50) for four hours and include bikes, helmets, water, and lunch. Participants also get to taste umqombothi, a traditional beer. During the cycling, Mulaudzi introduces his group to various people living within the community who have a chance to chat and tell their stories.

Monday, 29 September 2014

9jaflave Talkback - How Do You Feel When Your Spouse Forgets Special Days Like Birthdays and Anniversaries?

Special days like birthdays, wedding anniversaries and children's birthdays are days that are worth celebrating because of their significance. So for a spouse to forget that special day can be disheartening especially for women. Men may easily overlook it but a woman will not easily forget.

So what kind of emotions build up when your spouse forgets your wedding anniversary? How do you feel when he shows up with a belated birthday gift after forgetting your birthday? Will you quickly forgive him for forgetting the specific day you brought forth his first child? I am sure many of you have experiences like this to share with us. Please share your thoughts with me on this one. XOXO

Cuteness!!! Check Out These Stylish Twin Boys (Photos)

Simply tagged M&D Twins on their instagram page, these twin boys will turn heads anywhere they go with their stylish outfits. Too much swag.

With their matching outfits and shoes, Ray-Ban sunglasses, fedoras and scarves, they will give some celebrities a good run for their money. They are just too cute. See more photos below:

This CEO Quit His $100 Million Job To Spend More Time With His Daughter

As a parent there are some moments you miss in your child's life that can never be recaptured. It simply passes and can never be gotten back. Choose to make out that time to create special memories with them. They are special.

Former PIMCO CEO Mohamed El-Erian quit his $100 million job in January after his daughter made him a list of all the milestones he had missed in her life. The 22-point list written by his 10-year-old daughter was all it took to change his focus and priorities. 

All of this came about when he asked his child why she wasn't listening to him when he asked her to brush her teeth, she handed him a list of those things he had missed in her life because of work. El-Erian writes. “I felt awful and got defensive: I had a good excuse for each missed event! Travel, important meetings, an urgent phone call, sudden to-dos… But it dawned on me that I was missing an infinitely more important point.”

Since resigning, El-Erian now manages “a portfolio of part time jobs” that provides more flexibility.
“I now alternate with my wife in waking up our daughter every morning, preparing her breakfast and driving her to school,” he said. “I’m also around much more often to pick her up after school and take her to activities. She and I are doing a lot of wonderful talking and sharing. We’ve even planned a holiday together, just the two of us.”

9jaflave FFT - Courage Says I Will Try Again Tomorrow

Hope this quote starts you up on a good note this week. Tomorrow births new ideas, new opportunities and new insights. Keep moving and you will bear fruit really soon.
Have a blessed week ahead.

9jaflave Soliloquy - Why Our Pastors Must Address Indecent Dressing to Church in Their Sermons Regularly

I had a wonderful time at church yesterday and was blessed by the powerful message on the gains of obedience. While the service was rounding up, and my mind ruminating over the words I had heard, some distraction came along from those already leaving service, I watched as many people made their way to the exit. I had different emotions build up within me as I looked at some outfits some women wore to service. I was angry, I was sad and I just shook my head. Why do women debase women really?

Why are our pastors not taking out time to speak about indecent dressing to church in their sermons? Perhaps such messages will liberate some of these women and help them grow into maturity as Christians. I am a bit concerned when a young woman wears something so short to church and feels very comfortable in it. It is embarrassing when a fellow woman's boobs is literally pouring out and she is less concerned about it. Church ought not be just a place where you receive happy go words, but a place where your life is truly transformed and this begins to reflect in your words, actions, character and personality.

If only our pastors will just preach more messages on the true Christian life and how that life can reflect even in the way you dress and carry yourself, some of these women will have their consciences touched. Perhaps a few of them will realize that their indecent way of dressing debases womanhood and can cause a brother to sin. If our pastors can find ways to enforce decent dressing in their services, many more people will have their gaze fixed on God and will be less distracted. Most times they say, let them come as they are, but even when they come, they must not remain the same, something has to change especially in the way they dress.

As for me, I only hope one day, Church will be a place where there will be much more inspiration and not distractions from women who chose to showcase their bodies and flaunt what they have. Remember you will be addressed the way you are dressed. Let your conscience always be your judge every time you put on an outfit. Have a great week ahead.

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Zimbabwean Writer Myke Mwale For 2014 Golden Baobab Prize

Zimbabwean writer Myke Mwale has been long listed for the 2014 Golden Baobab Prize. He and 6 other writers from different African countries were long-listed for the 'Picture Book Prize' category which is awarded to "the most captivating unpublished African manuscript for a picture book targeting readers aged 6-8 years".

The Picture Book Prize is one of the 6 Golden Baobab Prizes for African literature. The other prizes are for Early Chapter Book, Rising Writer, Illustrators, Rising Illustrators and Lifetime Achievement in Children's Literature. Mwale said as a writer he is motivated to write for children by the realization that the child in all of us stays forever one way or the other. "All I was striving to do was to give that child a voice and let it communicate with the other children out there - the real children and the children within most of us adults."

His long-listed story 'The Big Ball' is about a girl named Chiedza who breaks the norm of identifying activities for children through gender. This story expands his portfolio of works which have brought his writing career this far. In 2010 his play "Mandida's Shoes" got Special Mention for the BBC play writing competition. The play, which was highly praised by world-renowned writer Wole Soyinka, is about a young girl who is chosen to recite a poem at the school's open day but faces the challenge of her torn shoes. The play was broadcast on BBC the same year.

The 2014 short-list for the Golden Baobab Prizes will be announced on October 30 and winners on November 13 this year. The Golden Baobab Prizes for African literature were launched in 2008 'to inspire the creation of enthralling African children's stories by African writers. The prizes invite entries of unpublished stories written by African citizens irrespective of age, race, or country of origin.'

Meet The Young Nigerian Lawyer Turned Designer

Meet Nigeria's Johnson Iyaye, founder of fashion label, Johnson Johnson, a brand which he floated last year. The young man who read Law but has never practised chose instead to follow his passion.
He recently showcased his designs at the just concluded, International Fashion Week in Port Harcourt, where he sold out his collection. His story reiterates that hard work and passion eventually pays off. Read excerpts of his interview with The Sun below:

Tell us about your label?
We design blazers, suits, trousers and shirts of any size. I have been a designer for a year now and I have drive and passion. In fact from childhood, I’ve always loved fashion, looking good and helping people to look good. Last year September, the company came into limelight.

Did you go to a fashion school?
No, I didn't. I have never been to a fashion school. I studied Law at the University of Abuja after a year of studying Philosophy at the University of Port Harcourt. Our local tailors can really be an inspiration. Anything inspires me and once you are determined to learn something, even if you are going to the best fashion school or the worst, you would succeed as long as you are passionate about it. 

When I wanted to get into fashion designing , so many people tried to discourage me and said “do you have time”, “it’s stressful” and stuff like that. Today, people see my work and they place orders and I ship my designs to UK retailers who needed 200 units of my jackets. They just saw my designs online and contacted me. I export to Paris and Belgium too. God has been good.

Geoffrey Oji Wins MTN Project Fame Season 7

MTN Project Fame West Africa has finally come to an end with Geoffrey Oji emerging as the overall winner. The Idoma-born, Benue State singer beat 5 other finalists to take home the grand prize of N5m, a brand new car as well as a recording contract worth several millions of naira. A Well deserved win!! Congrats to him.
Ruky was 1st runner-up, winning a cash prize of N2m and a car while Christian was 2nd runner up winning N2m and a car. In 4th place is Clement, who was also given the sum of N2m.

Bill and Hillary Clinton Welcome Their Granddaughter Charlotte

Former US President Bill Clinton and wife, Hillary, are now proud grandparents. Their daughter Chelsea and husband Marc Mezvinsky welcomed their daughter Charlotte yesterday evening. Chelsea announced the news online at midnight on Friday. She said: 'Marc and I are full of love, awe and gratitude as we celebrate the birth of our daughter, Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky.' 

Hours after the news became public, President Clinton made his own announcement. He said: 'We are blessed, grateful, and so happy to be the grandparents of a beautiful girl, Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky, born on Friday evening, September 26, 2014. We are thrilled to be with our daughter and her husband as they welcome their daughter into the world. Chelsea is well and glowing. Marc is bursting with pride. Charlotte's life is off to a good start.'

Saturday, 27 September 2014

9jaflave Talkback - Will You Return Home to Care For a Sick Spouse Who Abandoned You and Your Children For Many Years?

Love started it all, a blissful union with that special someone. And then that love goes sour and turns its back on you. That spouse you once gave your all, turns around and stabs you in the back. He/she abandons you and your kids leaving you with no emotional and financial support. He/she gave no reasons and simply walked away.

Fast forward several years later, you get a message that he/she is ill and dying of a terminal illness. There is no one to care for him/her and that you are the one for the job. Even if it is the last thing you will do, Will you return home to care for a sick spouse that abandoned you and your kids for many years? Share your thoughts with me on this one. Xoxo

Bishop David Oyedepo On Why Parents Must Properly Raise Their Children

The founder and President of Living Faith Church Worldwide aka Winners Chapel, Bishop David Oyedepo turned 60 today and many goodwill messages have continued to pour in to celebrate him. His messages of faith are a great source of inspiration to many around the world. Happy Birthday Sir!

During a recent interview, Bishop Oyedepo advised parents to be concerned about the spiritual and moral upbringing of their children. Also see his wife's lovely birthday wish to him after the cut.
Two of your children, Pastors David and Isaac Oyedepo, are doing well in ministry. In fact, Pastor David Oyedepo Jnr held the congregation spellbound during the last Shiloh, by his ministration. What was going on in your mind during that service? What lesson(s) can be drawn from the way your children have turned out vis-à-vis the way many parents raise their children today?

I simply see Psalm 112:1-3 being fulfilled. Secondly, let it be noted that my wife played a principal role in the spiritual and moral upbringing of our children. For instance, just as parents get teachers for their children for various subjects to improve their performance, we specially got a Bible lesson teacher for our kids while growing up in primary and secondary schools. 

The combination of all these efforts, I strongly believe, is responsible for both their spiritual and intellectual robustness. Don’t also forget that the Bible says that if we properly raise our children, they would exhibit excellent character traits for the rest of their lives. I’ll, therefore, advise parents to be concerned about the spiritual and moral upbringing of their children.

The Young Liberian Woman Who Saved 3 Relatives From Ebola

Meet Fatu Kekula, the 22 year old Liberian woman who saved her father, mother and sister from Ebola. She also did not contact the dreaded disease throughout this period, inventing her own protective gear which has been adopted by international aid workers. Infact when I first saw her story on TV, I was touched at her courage and compassion. She is truly a hero. 

Fatu's Ebola nightmare started on July 27, when her father, Moses, had a spike in blood pressure. She took him to a hospital in their home city of Kakata. A bed was free because a patient had just passed away. What no one realized at the time was that the patient had died of Ebola. Moses, 52, developed a fever, vomiting and diarrhea. Then the hospital closed down because nurses started dying of Ebola.

Fatu took her father to Monrovia, the capital city, about a 90-minute drive via difficult roads. Three hospitals turned him away because they were full. She took him back to another hospital in Kakata. They said he had typhoid fever and did little for him, so Fatu took him home, where he infected 3 other family members: Fatu's mother, Victoria, 57; Fatu's sister, Vivian, 28, and their 14-year-old cousin who was living with them, Alfred Winnie.

The final year nursing student had no choice but to start operating her one-woman Ebola hospital. Fatu consulted with their family doctor, who would talk to her on the phone, but wouldn't come to the house. She gave them medicines she obtained from the local clinic and fluids through intravenous lines that she started. At times, her patients' blood pressure plummeted so low she feared they would die. "I cried many times," she said. "I said 'God, you want to tell me I'm going to lose my entire family?' "

Meet UAE's First Female Fighter Pilot

Meet Maj. Mariam Al MansouriUnited Arab Emirates first female fighter pilot. She also led a strike mission this week against the terror group, ISIS. The UAE has joined the United States and a handful of other Arab nations in conducting airstrikes against ISIS in Syria.

CNN spoke to Al Mansouri earlier this year about her work. She had wanted to be a fighter pilot since she finished high school, but had to wait until women were allowed. "At that time, the doors were not open for females to be pilots. So I had to wait almost 10 years for the decision to be taken," Al Mansouri said.

She stressed there's no difference between men and women when it comes to defending their country.
"We are in a hot area so that we have to prepare every citizen," Al Mansouri said. "Of course, everybody is responsible for defending their country, male or female. When the time will come, everybody will jump in."

Friday, 26 September 2014

Cameroon's Alain Nteff Wins the 2014 Anzisha Grand Prize

Cameroon's Alain Nteff has been announced as the grand prize winner of the 2014 Anzisha Prize Award. He received a US$25,000 cash prize to support his social business. The 22 year old beat other young entrepreneurs to take home the coveted prize. Schoolbag manufacturer Thato Kgatlhanye from South Africa was 1st runner up, while 17-year-old farmer Gabriel Kombassere from Ivory Coast was the 2nd runner up. They both received cash prizes of $15,000 and $12,500 respectively to catalyse their venture growth. Congrats to these inspiring young people.

Nteff Alain founded the Gifted Mom project, an e-content platform for pregnant women in rural areas, to help them have safe pregnancies and combat the lack of access and knowledge that has led to high mother and infant deaths in Cameroon. Gifted Mom works with health providers and medical students to create profiles for pregnant women to send automated alerts that help them track antenatal care. Since starting his project, more than 200 medical students have been trained and 1200 pregnant women have been impacted, resulting in a 20% increase in antenatal attendance rate for pregnant women in 15 rural communities.

“I started the GiftedMom project last year when I noticed pregnant women and newborns in my country were literally dying every day from pregnancy related complications, which can be prevented", he said. He started the project in November in the Mankon community of northwestern Cameroon, in collaboration with the Mankon Sub-Divisional Hospital. By the end of March, 112 pregnant women and mothers with newborns had subscribed for weekly informative messages and reminders concerning antenatal care and vaccination programmes. GiftedMom has expanded to 5 other communities in Cameroon.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

9jaflave Soliloquy - Nigerian Entertainers and Their New Love for Politics

Most people will not easily forget Tony Tetuila and his rave track from the 90's, ‘Repete’, the popular music video that featured Caroline Ekanem now Danjuma. Tetuila happens to be the latest among Nigerian entertainers who are aspiring for political office in the country.

He has declared his intention to represent Irepodun Local Government at the Kwara State House of Assembly under the umbrella of the All Progressives Congress (APC), and now joins the league of Comedian Julius Agwu, singer 9ice, and actors Desmond Elliot and Kate Henshaw-Nuttal who have all made their political ambitions known ahead of the 2015 election.

So why this new love for politics by our Nigerian entertainers. Is it a genuine zeal to serve the people or a means to eat their own chunk of the national cake? Is it a quick move to switch careers being that many of these entertainers are fast fading off the scene? But whatever the case maybe, I wish them well in their new career journey and leave them with words written about one leader from the bible.

The book of Esther, the 10th chapter reads - Mordecai was the highest ranking Jew, second to the king. He worked enthusiastically for the good of his people and was an advocate for the welfare of all his people. Leadership gives you the opportunity to impact many generations after you, so if per chance you find yourself in that political position you are aspiring for, always remember to work for the good of the people.

9jaflave Talkback - How Long Should a Couple Wait to Resume Sexual Intimacy After Childbirth?

Doctors and midwives advise that a woman waits for 6-weeks after childbirth and proper postnatal check before resuming sexual intimacy with her husband. This is to ensure for proper healing of her vagina, cervix and uterus. 

But different strokes remain for different folks. While some women are quick and eager to resume their bedroom duties, others succumb to intense pressure from husbands who can't tame their sexual desires, and the last set of women simply lose their sexual desires due to the demanding task of caring for a newborn child.

I heard one woman say that her husband knows that after each delivery, sex is a no go area for the next 3 months. So for the men folk, Is this a fair deal? Is the proper recovery of your wife's body much more important than your sexual desires? And how long as a couple are you willing to wait to resume sexual intimacy after childbirth? Share your thoughts with me on this one. XOXO

Abodunrin and Wamide Opanuga - Giving Nigerians the Platform to Convey Words of Affection, Hope and Inspiration

Meet Abodunrin and Wamide Opanuga of Greetingsworld. This young Nigerian couple are very passionate about giving others a platform to convey words of hope, affection & inspiration to their loved ones and friends. They got their unique business idea in 2011 as final year students at Covenant University. Read excerpts from a recent interview they did below:

Tell us! What’s your Story?
Right from our courtship days, we have always seen cards as a medium to convey and express thoughtful messages to one another. Over time we realized that the messages in these cards had a positive impact on us as individuals and eventually our relationship. In 2011, while in our final year in Covenant University, we got the idea to give other people the platform to convey words of hope, affection & inspiration to those around them.

We started out in a traditional way of mass-producing and selling greeting cards to individuals and various retail outlets. However, as the years went by, Nigerians began to embrace the concept of e-commerce and we saw most businesses take their products to the internet. We decided to take advantage of this trend, but merely selling greeting cards online didn’t seem like a novel idea.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Bankole Cardoso's Tribute To His Late Mother Dr Ameyo Adadevoh

Dr. Stella Ameyo Adadevoh was one of those that died of the deadly Ebola virus, which she contacted from Liberian, Patrick Sawyer when she attended to his case at the First Consultants Medical Centre, Ikoyi, Lagos.

Her only son, Bankole Cardoso paid his own touching tribute to his late mother, during a farewell service organised by family and friends. May God grant her family the strength and comfort they will ever need. Read his tribute below:

“My darling mother, though there is an irreplaceable void in my life, I am comforted by the fact that you are in the perfect place. I remember you telling a friend just about a month before you passed how when I was younger you told me there is no mother in heaven and how upset that made me. I came to you a few hours later to ask, “Are you sure mummy that I will not know you in heaven” and you laughed at how much I loved you. True to yourself, your response was silly boy, “He thinks he can give me wahala on this earth and then still not let me rest in heaven”. I know you are in heaven now mom and I have accepted that you are enjoying your well earned rest. I love you forever and look forward to seeing you again in heaven. May your soul rest in perfect peace.”

Monday, 22 September 2014

7 Success Lessons From Boxing Champion Floyd Mayweather

Boxing Champion Floyd Mayweather is the highest paid athlete in the world, topping Forbes’ list for the 2nd time.  I saw this article about 7 success lessons that can be learnt from him here and felt it was worth sharing. Read below:

7 success lessons we can learn from Floyd “Money” Mayweather:

1. Ditch The One-Night Stands
Mayweather’s doesn’t put on a show, he puts on a spectacle; he doesn't do big, he does over-the-top. But it’s not just for one night, he’s done it for over eighteen years. If you want to be known as spectacular, you need to keep showing up, keep producing, and keep raising the bar. Reputations aren't built overnight, they’re built over years. Remember, it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Nobody brags about being a one-hit wonder.

2. Talent is Nothing Without Work
When his daughter was asked what’s the biggest lesson she’s learned being around her father? She responded, “that hard work pays off.” No doubt Floyd Mayweather has talent, but if he hadn't worked on that talent from the age of 5, there’s no way he’d be the athlete he is. Many talented boxers walk into his gym, the only ones that get his attention are the ones that survive “dog-house rules,” a gruelling sparring session without any breaks. Talent without hard work is like an amazing singer—who never sings. Hard work makes the potential, actual.

Nigerian Blogger Laila Ijeoma On Being Able to Combine Blogging, Motherhood and a Banking Career

Meet Laila Ijeoma, one Nigerian blogger who has been able to successfully carve a niche for herself. She is a Chemical Engineering graduate from the Federal University of Technology, Owerri. She is a blogger, banker and mother of 3 boys. Her " Laila’s Blog Most Fashionable Reader of the Week” and “Laila’s Blog Finest Face Faceoff” have continued to endear many followers to her.

For me what is really amazing is the fact that she has been able to build a successful blog, while working as a banker, which is a very demanding career, and is also a mother to 3 boys. It takes a lot of courage, determination and perseverance. So inspiring!!!! Thumbs up to her. Read excerpts from a recent interview she did on her she has been able to combine these 3 roles below:

You are a banker, mother and blogger who regularly update her blog, how do you combine all these roles? delivers all the latest Nigerian breaking news. How do I do it? Passion, time management and God. Passion; because I enjoy what I do so much that I don’t even see blogging as work at all. I have a routine that comfortably accommodates all my responsibilities. It gets crazy at times but God has been so faithful.

You Need Commitment and Diligence To Succeed In Business - CEO Neo Pele

Meet Okoro Nduka Pele, CEO of Neo Pele International Concept, a Fashion Designing/Tailoring Company, based in Warri, Delta State. He is a graduate of engineering from the University of Port Harcourt who says to succeed in business, you need to be committed and diligent. Read excerpts of his interview with the Tribune below:

Tell us, how did it all start?
My parents are both fashion designers. So, my siblings are all fashion designers too. My father told me that before I can be a fashion designer, I have to earn a degree from a reputable university. When I graduated, I did not want to go into fashion but when I could not get a good job after graduating, I was forced to join the fashion world.

How has the fashion business been so far?
So far, I will say it has been nice. Though, initially it was very tough when I started in 2010 but I was not deterred and I was able to come to this stage that I am right now.

What is your dream for Neo Pele in the next 10 years?
When I was in my final year, they asked us what we wanted to become in future and I said I wanted to be the boss of my own fashion outfit. I did not know that in the next 5 years, something like that would happen. So, in the next five to 10 years, I would like to become a household name both in Nigeria and outside Nigeria.

Friday, 19 September 2014

Ized Uanikhehi - The Young Nigerian Female Entrepreneur Running Several Businesses

Meet Ized Uanikhehi, the young Nigerian female entrepreneur who is the managing Partner of Resourcedat, an online library for Nigerian documents and data. Most of the documents available on the website are free to download. She is also a social media brand marketer and runs some other businesses. Read excerpts from her inspiring interview with the Tribune below:

I understand its Nigeria’s first. My question is what inspires this kind of business/initiative?The inspiration behind Resourcedat is our desire to ensure Nigerians from all works of life have access to documents and data required for decision making, academic research and history. The founder of Resourcedat, Ugodre Obi-Chukwu decided on this idea when he was trying to research his thesis and found Nigeria did not have a repository website for data.

How has been Nigerians’ response to this website?
The response has been fantastic so far. Most of our visitors are awed by the resources available on the website and commend us for our efforts. This inspires us to want to do more.

I know you dabbled into some businesses. Tell me, what kinds of businesses do you do?
Other businesses, okay, I am a social media brand marketer, I market brands on social media, this is not the regular awareness noise making campaign people do on social media. We ensure to sell our clients brand, and create leads while sticking to brand message and in line with the client’s budget, we are quite effective.

9jaFlave TalkBack - Should Couples Have Access To Each Others ATM Cards and Passwords?

Some of you will definitely have met people or heard stories of wives who are thrown into a state of confusion after losing their spouses. The reason being they had no idea of what their husband's businesses entailed, no clue about his financial state, how much he had in the bank, his transactions, his ATM card passwords, his pin codes etc.

I personally learnt of a woman at Trade fair market, Ojo who lost one of her late husband's shops to his worker simply because she didn't know how many shops the husband had in that market. The worker played smart on her ignorance and took over one of oga's shop. While some will place boundaries as couples, others remain open and lay all things bare for their better half.

Sometimes it becomes a matter of trust when some men can't simply trust their wives with their financial details, all because of their lack of prudence and materialistic tendencies. So they keep all secret information about their bank details and passwords to themselves. But does this help couples especially when the financial security of your family is involved. Do you think Couples should have access to each others ATM cards and passwords? Share your thoughts with me on this one. XOXO

Atiku Abubakar - President Jonathan Lacks The Experience to Lead Nigeria

Former Nigerian Vice President and APC Presidential aspirant Atiku Abubakar said in a recent interview with AFP  that President Jonathan lacks the experience to lead Nigeria. In his words:

“I told Nigerians that he Jonathan did not have the capacity; he didn't have the experience. He didn’t have anything and yet they gave him the chance, the opportunity. And they can now see the chance and the opportunity they gave him. Of course, I’m more experienced than he is. I believe my capacity cannot be compared with his, in all respect.” Abubakar also argued that Jonathan lacks the will needed to steer the country in the right direction, lamenting that the country has experienced corruption, poor governance and accountability and worsening security situation under the current president.

Five Nigerian Ebola Survivors (Photo)

Lagos State Governor Babatunde Fashola yesterday hosted some survivors of the Ebola Virus Disease at the Lagos House, Ikeja. He commended them for their boldness in coming forward as this was a good step in fighting possible stigmatisation over the deadly virus.

The survivors, who can no longer be re-infected with the virus having developed the anti-bodies, shared also their stories with the governor.  The survivors are Dr. Ibeabuchi Morris, Dr Adaora Igonoh, Dennis Akagha, the fiance of Nurse Justina Ejelonu who died, Dr. Fadipe Akinniyi and Dr. (Mrs.) Kelechi Emenuo, wife of late Dr. Emenuo who treated one of Mr. Sawyer’s companions in Port Harcourt and later died of the disease.

Ballet Star Misty Copeland On Breaking Barriers and Her Rise to The Top

Ballet star Misty Copeland was told she had the wrong body type for classical ballet: too short, too curvy. Her lines were all wrong. The color of her skin stood out too starkly from that of her fellow ballerinas. In her words: "I came from a San Pedro, California, family that didn't always have enough food to eat, let alone money to spend on a hobby, and it wasn't until I was 13 years old that I could even take my first ballet class."

Most of her dance peers had grown up immersed in the art of ballet, putting on their first tutus not long after they learned to talk. They had summered in Europe, while I didn't get my first passport until I was 17 she said. Their families had weekend homes. I had spent part of my adolescence living on the floor of a shabby motel with my single mom. But Misty did not all of this deter her, she kept dancing and proved the doubters wrong. The former ballet prodigy, now 31, has become the first African-American soloist at the American Ballet Theatre in 20 years and has role of Odette/Odile in the company’s Australian production of “Swan Lake.”

She has also become a New York Times best-selling author, her memoir, Life In Motion, was released in March. Copeland is keen on nurturing the next generation with her new children’s book Firebird, which tells the story of a young girl who battles self-doubt to reach amazing heights. On breaking boundaries in "Swan Lake": "There's just something about that ballet that people just — you envision this very pale Russian extremely tall woman as the swan. And typically people don't see African-American women as ballerinas because they don't think that we're soft and feminine and sylph-like. They see us as very powerful and aggressive. And so I want to have the opportunity to prove them wrong."

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Ethiopian Supermodel Liya Kibede on Staying Close to Her Roots

Meet Liya Kebede, the Ethiopian Supermodel who was once ranked as the 11th highest-paid top model in the world. She was scouted by a French film director, after which her story changed forever. Born in Addis Ababa, in 1978, Kebede was spotted by a film director while she was attending school, he introduced her to a French modelling agent. After completing her studies, she moved to France to pursue work through a Parisian agency and later relocated to New York. She continues to stay close to her roots through her fashion line and philanthropic work.

In 2000, multi-talented designer Tom Ford hand-picked her to walk the runway for his autumn/winter Gucci collection. At this point Kebede got her big break and a year later, she would sit for prolific photographer Patrick Demarchelier, feature as cover girl on numerous fashion magazines including Vogue and walk the runways for Chanel, Dolce and Gabbana, Burberry and Fendi.

Despite her success, Kebede has never forgotten where she came from. When an opportunity arose to launch her own fashion line, Lemlem  in 2007, Kebede drew inspiration from her native land. She embraced the traditional hand-woven style from back home, in the hope of offering employment and business opportunities for the country's long-established weavers, and hence incorporated it into her collections. "Supporting Ethiopian weavers and their craft has remained our central mission and we're proud we can sell a beautiful product while also helping these artisans thrive."

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Ghanaian Entrepreneur Robert Lamptey - My Father Taught Me To Be The Best In Everything

Ghanaian entrepreneur Robert Lamptey is the creator of chat application Saya Mobile, an app that has gained millions of users in over 30 countries in just 3 years. Founded in 2011, Saya is a replacement for text messaging much like WhatsApp, but built for feature phones, and has gained users globally including countries such as India, Syria, Indonesia and Bangladesh. 

Last month Saya was acquired by US-headquartered Kirusa, a leader in voice messaging and social media mobile apps in emerging markets. But this young entrepreneur's journey building Saya wasn't always rosy. Although Saya acquired millions of users across the globe it faced difficulties monetising the platform. Lamptey reveals that there is the “ugly side of being an entrepreneur”, describing the realities of running a start-up such as having to pay staff out of his own pocket because of “money issues”.

He also described being CEO as “the most difficult job in the world”. “As the CEO you are the captain of the ship and you are the last person to jump out when the ship sinks. Even when you see a storm coming, you just tell your team all is well.” Lamptey who co-founded Saya straight out of Accra-based Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology (MEST), attributes the success of the company to his upbringing in a household where striving to be the best was encouraged.

“I was one of the few kids in the neighbourhood who had a chemistry lab and who dismantled TVs. I was a science student. I used to win all the literature awards in school. My father always taught me to be the best in everything I did. Even if I wanted to be a footballer, there was one rule: be the best.”

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Janet Fredman - The Young Woman Who Shunned Medical School For a Career in Jewelry Making

Meet Zambia's Janet Fredman, the young woman who shunned a career in medicine for jewelry designing. This female entrepreneur who runs a jewelry making business, Janet Fredman Designs, decided to embrace her creativity and turn her love of handmade designs into a flourishing business.

Despite her country's rich availability of gold and gemstones, Fredman settles for regular everyday materials such as wood, seeds and leather to make her pieces. This eventually results in a very unique collection of rings, bracelets and necklaces. She says a visit to a Cape Town jewelry shop inspired her to launch her business in January 2014, a decision which has provided both a rewarding and challenging experience.

"When I  first started making jewelry, it started as a hobby", recalls Fredman. "I started making jewelry out of beads, and then later went to study as a goldsmith. I came back and incorporated what I learned with Zambian materials to make contemporary Zambian jewelry." Still in her 20s, Fredman has impressed many with her success, but establishing a new business at a young age she says is never easy. "Business has been going OK", says Fredman. "Sometimes it's slow and sometimes it's high , I'm still trying to find my way, what to do, the how, the do's and the don'ts; still trying to figure it out."

Limpopo Crooner Kcee's Take On The Poor Lyrical Content of Nigerian Music Today

Limpopo crooner Kcee shared his thoughts on the poor lyrics generated by most Nigerian artists today. In his words Nigerians are more interested in danceable songs, not the message of the song. Sing about boobs, bum and booze and they are happy. For me personally, I think this is quite sad and explains why most of these songs fade away as quickly as they come. 

What is your take on the lyrical content of you contemporary singers?The fact is that Nigerian music is different from the way it used to be. Looking at most songs of 20 years ago, there are a lot of content and messages. However, the society we are in today has changed, and the kind of songs we sing is not an exception. We are in the era of commercial music and that pressure is really affecting the content of music in Nigeria. Because everybody wants to make money, they have messed up everything. 

People out there also are not ready to listen to stories. We are being pushed to sing the kind of songs that will make them happy. They just want to dance and ease themselves. They are not ready to take time to listen to the message. Once it is ‘danceable,’ every other thing is inconsequential. The creative ones among us that write songs have tried severally to write songs with good messages, but it doesn’t sell like the street-hop, dance songs. So, what do we do? Sing about boobs, bum and booze, they are always happy. 

Check Out Why You May Be Smoking Your Money and Health Away

I saw this short write-up here about the other side of smoking. Just imagine how much time put into smoking that could have channelled into other productive things. The writer communicates a great message and gives smokers something to ponder about. Read below

Meet Ifeanyi, a youth corper who picked up smoking in his final year at the university. He is now a chain smoker, burning a total of 20 sticks a day.

MONEY; Each day, Ifeanyi spends ₦200 on cigarettes, that is more than what some Nigerians earn daily. Every week, he will spend ₦1,400 on cigarettes, this is enough for BIS, leaving him some change to call his girlfriend(s) or relatives. By the end of his service year, he would have spent over ₦72,000 on cigarettes. That’s enough money for a TV and/or a laptop, leaving him with some money left over.

; It takes about 4 minutes to finish smoking a cigarette. If you add up Ifeanyi’s smoking time each day, he spends about 80 minutes puffing on cigarettes, that’s almost a full football game. Every week, he will spend a total of 9 hours smoking, the same length of time it takes to travel from Lagos to Abuja by road. Imagine him puffing on cigarettes on this whole trip! At the end of his service year, he would have spent the equivalent of 20 days smoking. That is enough time to have learned a new language, how to run, to play the guitar, etc.

LIFETIME WASTED: On the average, a smoker’s lifespan reduces by 12 minutes per cigarette. For every day that Ifeanyi smokes, he loses 4 hours of his life. For every week that he smokes, he loses 28 hours. That is more than one full day of his life erased each week. By the end of his service year, Ifeanyi - the chain smoker that he is - would have shortened his life expectancy by an alarming 61 days! Ifeanyi may probably never do the math to see what this habit costs in terms of money, time and health. Please if you know Ifeanyi, do paint this picture for him today. Thanks

Monday, 15 September 2014

Gadal Beads - For Your Beaded Jewellery, Accessories and Trainings

Gadal Beads is a One-Stop Source for Your Beaded Jewelry,Wire Works and Beaded Accessories. Also, We do Individual/Group Training in Bead Making.

Empower yourself and learn a skill. Our prices are very affordable. For more information, call 08023593757.

Check Out The Completely Flat Water Bottle Called Memobottle (Photo)

Two young Australians Jesse Leeworthy and Jonathan Byrt, are behind the creation of a completely flat water bottle called Memobottle. The bottles are designed to be practical, environment friendly and ideal for the office worker’s bag because it’s completely flat.

Both men say the Memobottle was designed to overcome 2 problems they discovered in their society. 'Firstly our attachment to the outdoors and environment - we have always been disgusted with the overuse of singly use plastic bottles.We developed a passionate desire to reduce their usage and their disastrous effect on the environment. Secondly, throughout our schooling and university years, and to a larger extent our professional work life, we have been frustrated with the inability to fit water bottles in carry/laptop bags. Somewhere along the line, there has been a general consensus to design circular shaped bottles. Rather than making a product that fits into this category, we decided to create something that is easy to transport but still holds the functional aspects of traditional bottles.'

The bottle will be available in 3 different sizes - A5 which holds 750ml (1.3 pints), A4 which holds 1.25 litres (2.2 pints) and letter size which also stores 1.25 litres. It is expected to be on the market by Christmas and will be available for global delivery.

Must Read!! Ebola Survivor Dr Ada Igonoh Shares Her Story

Dr. Ada Igonoh, one of the doctors at First Consultants Hospital who attended to Patrick Sawyer, the Liberian man who brought Ebola into Nigeria has shared her story. It is a powerful, gripping and moving write-up about how she survived the deadly Ebola Virus. She truly walked through the valley of the shadow of death. It is a long piece but will surely be worth your time. Read below:

On the night of Sunday July 20, 2014, Patrick Sawyer was wheeled into the Emergency Room at First Consultants Medical Centre, Obalende, Lagos, with complaints of fever and body weakness. The male doctor on call admitted him as a case of malaria and took a full history. Knowing that Mr Sawyer had recently arrived from Liberia, the doctor asked if he had been in contact with an Ebola patient in the last couple of weeks, and Mr. Sawyer denied any such contact. He also denied attending any funeral ceremony recently. Blood samples were taken for full blood count, malaria parasites, liver function test and other baseline investigations. He was admitted into a private room and started on antimalarial drugs and analgesics. That night, the full blood count result came back as normal and not indicative of infection.

The following day however, his condition worsened. He barely ate any of his meals. His liver function test result showed his liver enzymes were markedly elevated. We then took samples for HIV and hepatitis screening. At about 5.00pm, he requested to see a doctor. I was the doctor on call that night so I went in to see him. He was lying in bed with his intravenous (I.V.) fluid bag removed from its metal stand and placed beside him. 

He complained that he had stooled about five times that evening and that he wanted to use the bathroom again. I picked up the I.V. bag from his bed and hung it back on the stand. I told him I would inform a nurse to come and disconnect the I.V. so he could conveniently go to the bathroom. I walked out of his room and went straight to the nurses’ station where I told the nurse on duty to disconnect his I.V. I then informed my Consultant, Dr. Ameyo Adadevoh about the patient’s condition and she asked that he be placed on some medications.

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Stay Focused On Your Vision - Temilade Osinfade CEO TT Dalk Shoes

Meet Temi­lade Osinfade, the young man behind TT Dalk shoes, whose shoes have been featured on runways in almost all countries of the world. He has also been able to give shoe making a new face and direction. This young entrepreneur who is a Babcock University graduate of Public Health, encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to have a vision and stay focused. Read excerpts of his interview with The Sun below:

What was your motivation in incorporating TT Dalk Shoes and how did it all start?
I was in school back then and I used to sell all sorts of things. In my 3rd year, I began customizing my shoes. I had this guy who made shoes for me. I design the shoes and give to the cobbler to make. I was a fashion buff at the time. As time went on, a few friends said they liked my shoes and placed orders and before I knew it, it became a business. Since I was almost finishing school, I wanted something on my own and I wanted it to be in fashion. Initially, I didn't want to deal in clothes, because the market was saturated. I wanted to do something different and I came up with the idea of making branded shoes and ventured into branded shoes.

What year did TT Dalk come on board as a brand and how has it been?
It was in 2008, but it has been quite tough, because then, I was looking for workers. Getting the right kind of people to work with was a bit challenging. Aside that, when you are going into the market there are two things to consider. It’s either people accept your product or people don’t accept your product. That was tough. My competitors were great challenges. It was a little bit tough to pen­etrate the market. The main challenge was foreign competition. Getting perfect designs into the market that would make the standard was tough.

9jaflave Soliloquy - Ebola: And Let Us Not Forget Nurse Justina Ejelonu

Nurse Justina Ejelonu was one of those who lost their lives to the deadly Ebola Virus here in Nigeria. She was a qualified graduate nurse and had just a job with the First Consultant Hospital in Lagos. Infact she resumed duty at the hospital on the 21st of July, while Patrick Sawyer, the Liberian who brought Ebola into the country was admitted at the hospital the previous day.

In her Fiance's words: Sawyer was her first patient. She was one of the nurses that nursed him. She was pregnant and so her immune system was weak, which made it easy for her to contract the disease. On that first day which was a Monday, she was having some pregnancy symptoms, but I just encouraged her to go because it was her first day at work. Sawyer was her first patient. The next day, Tuesday, she didn't work on Sawyer. Wednesday and Thursday, she was off. Then on Friday, Patrick Sawyer died. They didn't know he had Ebola, it was three days later that they realized it was Ebola.

But while the nation celebrates Dr Ameyo Adadevoh as a hero, little is heard about others like Nurse Justina Ejelonu, whose commitment and dedication to her own profession led to her death. The joy of her being gainfully employed was quickly overshadowed by the preying hands of Ebola. She suffered and eventually lost her pregnancy, her seed not even given the opportunity to see the light of day.

And let us not forget the little things others do, though insignificant, will always make the big picture what it truly is. Let us not forget little acts of kindness, sacrifices and commitments others make to create a better world for all of  us. And let us not forget people like Nurse Justina who paid the ultimate price while in the course of duty. We should not be quick to forget that after the doctors have left, it is the nurses that monitor and care for the patient. She may not have been in the forefront, but she had dreams and aspirations and her life is worth celebrating too.

Saturday, 13 September 2014

9jaflaveTalkBack - Is A Husband Being Selfish When He Insists on Eating Freshly Cooked Meals Everyday?

Many of you would have heard stories from wives who say their husbands do not eat leftover meals. That is, for example, he does not eat the same soup or meal twice. It has to be freshly cooked by her and served everyday.

So I threw this at some of my colleagues, the man simply blurted out angrily that some men are very selfish. The female said, that husband must be a joker, that after she stresses herself out at work and returns, he expects her to be cooking soup everyday for him. I kept insisting that they look at it from both different viewpoints. What of a woman whose hubby must take breakfast before leaving for work everyday? Does that make the man selfish too?

I believe that marriage is all about compromise and sacrifice. Each couple's needs differ and meeting each other's needs varies at different levels. Love helps us keep that balance. So back to my title question, Is a husband being selfish when he insists on eating freshly cooked meals everyday? Share your thoughts with me on this one. XOXO

Ngure Ndiritu - The 8 Year Old Who Has Written and Published His First Book

Ngure Ndiritu is an 8 year old who has written and published his first work,  a collection of short stories titled "Out of the Box". This feat makes Ngure one of the youngest - if not the youngest - published Kenyan author.

Parents should create a conducive environment for children to identify their talents earlier, former President Mwai Kibaki has said. He was speaking at the launch of the book. Kibaki said the society should give children platforms to express themselves. "Children's stories reflect the true human spirit of giving and caring," Kibaki said. "They tell the purest of stories, untainted by prejudice or twisted by sarcasm."

The former president urged the society to foster such talent. "Many children can write but they are told to wait until they become adults." He said children should be helped because writing will help them excel in written communication and make them future authors. Kibaki said that a man who does not read has no advantage over one who cannot. He said the book expresses views held by children irrespective of origin. Ndiritu is the son of former Industrialisation assistant minister Nderitu Mureithi, who served in Kibaki's regime.

Wole Soyinka On #BringBackJonathan Campaign

In a piece, titled 'Wages of Impunity', Nobel laureate, Professor Wole Soyinka noted that although President Jonathan has disowned the BringBack Jonathan 2015 campaign “but, the damage has been done, the rot in a nation’s collective soul bared to the world.”

“The very possibility of such a desecration took the Nigerian nation several notches down in human regard. It confirmed the very worst of what external observers have concluded and despaired of  a culture of civic callousness, a coarsening of sensibilities and, a general human disregard.

“It affirmed the acceptance, even domination of lurid practices where children are often victims of unconscionable abuses including ritual sacrifices, sexual enslavement, and worse. Spurred by electoral desperation, a bunch of self-seeking morons and sycophants chose to plumb the abyss of self-degradation and drag the nation down to their level. It took us to a hitherto unprecedented low in ethical degeneration.”

On Jonathan’s trip to Chad, Soyinka wrote: "As if to confirm all the such surmises, an ex-governor, Sheriff, notorious throughout the nation – including within security circles as affirmed in their formal dossiers – as prime suspect in the sponsorship league of the scourge named Boko Haram, was presented to the world as a presidential travelling companion. And the speculation became: was the culture of impunity finally receiving endorsement as a governance yardstick?

Omatek Group GMD Florence Seriki's Journey Into The World of Entrepreneurship

Meet Florence Seriki,  the Group Managing Director, Omatek Group of Companies, a Nigerian computer manufacturing company. Her inspiring story reveals that opportunities are all around us, but our ability to process such opportunities is what sets us apart from the crowd. She shares about her journey into the world of entrepreneurship. Read below and go here for full article:

“When I was in school as a Chemical Engineering student at the University of Ife (now Obafemi Awolowo University), I did a project that cut across the University of Ife and University of Lagos. Due to the sensitive nature of the project, one of my lecturers at Ife bought a computer; it was the first XT computer that came to the University of Ife. So, I had to learn programming and Lotus.” And even though she had no idea of how this knowledge would be useful to her after the project, her hunger for knowledge propelled her to equip herself with it.

“My knowledge of computer operations became useful when I was posted to the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) during my National Youth Service Corps programme. At NNPC, I found out that many executives just decorated their tables with computers, which they were not using. Once the secretary was not around, the boss could not work on the computer. So I told my boss, ‘Sir, I used a personal computer to do my project, can I teach you how to use the computer?’ My boss asked if I really could and I told him I could. So, I taught my boss. He told another director, who told another director. Some of them then told their friends in other organisations that there was a corps member that could train them on the use of computer. That was how I started training executives on the use of computer. Later, I also began to train staff of banks and oil companies.”

"An Article on UNILAG’s 2009 Best Graduating Student Motivated Me" - Adesola Akomolafe, Best Graduating Student, ABUAD

This young woman's story shows us the power  of staying focused. What she saw and pondered on everyday eventually became her own story. Adesola Akomolafe is the 21 year old who emerged as the best graduating student of Afe Babalola University, Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State, in the 2012/2013 academic session.
In her words: "I read about the best graduating student of UNILAG in 2009, Deborah Olufunmi, who had a CGPA of 4.96, in the newspaper, so, I pasted the newspaper cutting on the wall of my room and read the story everyday. I used to look at the picture and read the story throughout my stay on campus. That was when I decided I wanted to be the best graduating student". Read excerpts of her interview with the Punch below:

What was your dream as a child?
I wanted to be like my mum, a medical doctor, which also influenced my decision to study in the science class but Physics just refused to sink into my head. Then, I used to read a lot of novels because I lived with my grandmother, who studied English and had lots of literature books and novels. I didn't keep many friends, so it was a good company for me. My parents used to advise me to read my school books, newspapers and books about great women so I could aspire to be like them instead of novels. Then, my mother used to take novels away from me and would tell me to read my school books. So, I wanted to study English and Literature because I never had flare for business-related courses.

Friday, 12 September 2014

Kissing For Good Health - The Many Health Benefits of Kissing

You can now kiss your way to good health according to this article. It has been revealed that kissing has several health benefits, and according to the piece which I saw here, kissing benefits your teeth, is great for the heart and helps burn calories. So for couples who enjoy sharing a good kiss, here are some reasons to kiss more often.

1. Kissing Benefits the Teeth
Research shows that the saliva produced from frequent kissing can benefit your teeth. Saliva can help prevent and reduce plaque build-up. Kissing can save you trips to the dentist and the sound of that dreaded drill.

2. Kiss Your Way to a Longer Life
Individuals who kiss more live longer. Research states that kissing your significant other every morning can add years to your life. A simple good morning kiss can add five years to your life.

3. Burn Calories While Kissing
A simple, gentle kiss can burn six to twelve calories. The steamier things get the more calories you will burn. Imagine burning as many as 300 calories while making love to your significant other? Affection never looked so good.

Esther Egbunkonye of Sisterhood Crafties - Crafting Beautiful Things Comes To Me Easily

Meet Esther Egbunkoye of Sisterhood Crafties, designer of classy and unique hand crafted Fascinators/ Saucer hats, Ankara neck & ear statement pieces. This young entrepreneur  graduated in 2006 with a degree in History and International studies, but has channelled her creative energy into doing something she is absolutely passionate about. Read excerpts of her interview with multicreativeme below:

Give a brief introduction of your business endeavour
At Sisterhood Crafties, we offer fabulous, classy and uniquely designed hand crafted Fascinators/ Saucer hats, Ankara neck & ear statement pieces. We also do bouquets for your bridal train. The business name was inspired by my twin sister and I, plus the fact that our products are designed for females.

Do you see yourself as a creative individual and at what point did this happen?
Yes, I see myself as a creative person because I love crafting beautiful things with my hands. It comes to me so easily, I guess it is inherent!

Describe your journey so far.
I had learned the basics of millinery in 2003 when hat making was the in-thing. Then sometime in 2012, I got inspired by a speaker who spoke extensively about working with your talent. That is how I started creating something unique and and different from the knowledge I have in millinery. The journey has been both peaceful and challenging. When I started out, I got few orders through word of mouth and referrals. These days, my customers are from all parts of the country.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Oscar Pistorius Found Not Guilty of Murder

Paralympian athlete, Oscar Pistorius was today found not guilty of murdering his girlfriend Reeva Steekamp. According to Judge Thokozile Masipa's statement : "The State has not proved beyond reasonable doubt that the accused is guilty of premeditated murder. There are just not enough facts to support such a finding." Pistorius sat in the dock weeping, shaking and clenching his jaw as Masipa read through her judgment.

The athlete's family, among them his uncle Arnold, aunt Lois, sister Aimee and father Henke, were in court. His brother Carl Pistorius arrived in a wheelchair and both legs in casts. He was injured in a car accident last month. Steenkamp's parents, Barry and June, as well as her cousin Kim Martins were in court to hear the judgment on Thursday.

Earlier, Masipa said Pistorius was a "very poor witness" and contradicted himself on the stand.
She described him as an evasive witness and said he failed to listen to questions thinking of the impact of his answers. Masipa rejected Pistorius's defence that this was because he was under emotional stress, traumatised, and medicated. Judge Masipa trial has ruled out premeditated murder but is due to decide on Friday whether the double-amputee is guilty of culpable homicide.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

9jaflave Talkback: Ladies, Will You Marry a Man Who Proposes But Has No Job or Source of Income?

9jaflave Talkback is an open opportunity to air your views on life's issues, give your thoughts a voice and also listen to and learn from the views of others. Also if you do have a subject you want me to put out there, feel free to send me an email. Thank you.

Today, the scenario goes like this, a lady falls in love with the man of her dreams, she is ready to hit the altar, but the issue now is that her man is jobless and has no source of income. Another scenario is painted this way, the lady knows the young man has no job or income, she stands by him believing for a better future, she goes ahead to marry him, family and friends foot the bills and the new couple have been on it for over a year still trusting God for the dream job.

Ladies, with these 2 scenarios, Will you marry a man who proposes but has no job or current source of income? Will you go ahead with a wedding and stick it out with him knowing he has no source of income? Share your thoughts with me on this one, XOXO

My Husband Robert Mugabe is The Poorest President in The World - Grace Mugabe

Zimbabwe's First lady, Grace Mugabe has said that her husband, Robert Mugabe,  is The Poorest President in The World. Please who agrees with her statement?

"Mugabe is the poorest president the world over," Grace Mugabe told traditional chiefs gathered to show their support for her political ambitions. Mrs Mugabe who is ridiculed globally as 'Gucci Grace' or 'Dis-Grace' for her alleged extravagant spending habits, insisted her husband was the world's poorest president."We are blessed because we have Baba Mugabe he is the poorest president. I have never seen him asking for money from anyone," she told the traditional leaders. 

It has been reported severally that President Mugabe who is a billionaire, has lived in affluence for over 34 years that he has led his country, while his citizens wallow in poverty. The late University of Zimbabwe political scientist and critic of Mugabe, John Makumbe, once said that Mugabe demonstrated "insensitivity to the plight of the people he leads ... He is happy to live like a monarch while the rest of the country is mired in poverty."

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Donates $50 Million To Fight Ebola in West Africa

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation announced today it will donate $50 million to help fight the Ebola outbreak in West Africa.The foundation says the money will be used to enable international aid organizations and national governments "to purchase badly needed supplies and scale up emergency operations in affected countries."

It will also "work with public and private sector partners to accelerate the development of therapies, vaccines, and diagnostics that could be effective in treating patients and preventing further transmission of the disease." The foundation will give $5 million to the UN’s World Health Organization, $5 million to the U.S. Fund for UNICEF and two $2 million to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The Ebola outbreak, which began in March, has so far infected more than 4,300 people, killing more than half of them. The highest number of casualties has been recorded mostly in Guinea, Senegal and Liberia, but has also spread to Senegal and Nigeria.

President Jonathan Truly Led 600-Man Delegation To The 2013 UN General Assembly - Minister of Foreign Affairs

Last year when news broke that President Jonathan had led a 600 man delegation to the UN General assembly, Presidential spokesman, Reuben Abati was quick to deny the claim. His words: “There is  no substance to the rehashed charge of profligacy which Sahara reporters annually makes against the President when he leads Nigeria’s delegation to the UN General Assembly,” he said in a statement, asserting that the delegation was “less than 30” persons.

“Other than them, the only other persons who are in New York for the UN General Assembly with the President’s knowledge and approval are relevant ministers and few essential aides,” Abati said, adding that Mr. Jonathan’s delegation was not out of proportion with Nigeria’s size, role and relevance in Africa and the global community.

Nigeria’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Bashir Wali, has now confirmed that President Goodluck Jonathan did lead a massive 600-man delegation to the United Nations General Assembly last year. Mr. Wali, a former Permanent Representative of Nigeria to the United Nations, made the startling disclosures yesterday in Abuja while addressing heads of Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs).

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Africa's Top Young Entrepreneurs Solving Problems In Their Communities

The top 12 finalists have been announced for the 2014 Anzisha Prize. This competition recognises and celebrates young African entrepreneurs between the ages of 15 and 22 who are using business to solve problems in their communities. The top 3 winners will be announced on the 23rd of September, and will win a share of the US$75,000 prize money. I am glad to see 2 young Nigerians make the list. Kudos and good luck to them. Go here for full list and read about some of them below:

Chineye Okoro Onu, 19, Ghana – Turning recycled material into art
Nigerian Chineye Okoro Onu founded the Mosaicpiration Project while studying in Accra, Ghana. The initiative uses recycled material, such as plastic waste, to create art and provides entrepreneurial skills to young people through training and mentorship. Onu has a passion for art, the environment, and inspiring change through employment. Within a year she has been able to empower young artists with entrepreneurial skills, and generate monthly income off the sale of art and exhibitions. Some of the signature artwork her project produces is paintings and mosaics of people who have positively brought change to the world.

Winifred Selby, 19, Ghana – Making bicycles from bamboo
When Winifred Selby was just 15 years old, she co-founded Ghana Bamboo Bikes Initiative, which manufactures affordable, multi-purpose bikes out of bamboo. With an abundance of bamboo forests in the country, the initiative trains members of the community to convert bamboo into shock-resistant bicycles to address transportation and employment needs in rural areas. The company has also found a large export market.