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Sunday, 31 August 2014

William Legate - The 19 Year Old Entrepreneur Who Has Created Over 12 Mobile Apps

 Meet William Legate, the 19 year old entrepreneur who has developed over 12 mobile apps, the most widely recognized being the iOS application Fake-A-Text, which combined with his other applications, has received over 5 million downloads. William reveals that he started an Internet blog when he was in 6th grade and “started making money from it through advertising. About a year later, I began to buy and sell iPods on eBay making a hefty profit.” At the age of 14, he started teaching himself programming by watching Stanford lectures online and learned how to develop an app through YouTube videos. 

He was determined to make hit apps, so he also taught himself additional skills, such as marketing and SEO and using Photoshop. Since then, he's gone on to create over a dozen apps which have received over 5 million downloads, are used by 1 in 12 US teenagers, have been featured in the New York Times, and have peaked at the 2nd most downloaded spot in the entire App Store, above bigger brand apps such as Facebook and Google. He was recently awarded the Thiel Fellowship which gives 20 people under 20 years of age a cash grant of $100,000 to drop out of school to pursue their passion, and Business Insider named him as one of the top "25 most impressive kids graduating from high school this year".

William said: " Creating Apps actually changed my life, they give me purpose, they give me direction. they taught me about discipline than any lectures from my parents. They about me about the power of ideas than any philosophy lecture, they taught me more about work ethic, responsibility, independence than any pat time job. My doubts were great but my imagination was greater, my fears were large but my determination was larger. If you have a vision or idea, start creating today, and little by little, it will become a reality."

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