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Monday, 4 August 2014

Till Death Do Us Part - Couple Married For 62 Years Die Holding Hands

The part of the vow that says 'till death do us part', is deep and always so are to see couples who truly fulfil that vow together. The marriage institution is all about; love, commitment and sacrifice and sticking with each other till the very end. This California couple, Don and Maxine Simpson were married for 62 years, and left the world together holding hands..

Two weeks ago, Don was at home when he fell, breaking his hip. He was taken to hospital, but his health continued to decline. At the same time, the cancer his wife had been fighting for hers started to progress as well. 'I told my sister on the phone, we got one shot to get them together,' Sloan said.
They were both moved to a spare room in the family's home.'We kept them together, and had their beds side-by-side,' Sloan said.

'Gram woke up and saw him, and held hands and they knew that they were next to each other.' It wasn't long after that, holding her husband's hand, Maxine took her last breath. 'I walked them out with her body, walked back in to check on grandpa and he quit breathing as soon as her body left the room,' Sloan said. They died 4 hours apart. The  couple spent over 6 decades together, travelled the world together and adopted 2 sons.