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Saturday, 16 August 2014

Teenage Girl Invents 'Snap-On Underwear' For People With Disabilities

Charlotte Robinson was born with a hemangioma, a disorder that caused vascular tumours to grow in her right tibia, which created holes in her bones and damaged her joints. When she was 13, her right leg was 2.5 inches shorter than her left. In 2011, doctors told her that she would have to wear a leg brace in order to properly lengthen her right leg. One of the first inconveniences the 17 year old faced was wearing uncomfortable underwear. That’s when the idea for the "snap-on" underwear was born.

The cute knickers, which come in varying colours, snap along the sides, so anyone who can’t slip their legs into a pair of undies, can still find their way into these undergarments without a problem. She’s now selling the line, which she dubbed No Guts, No Glory, on her website.

"I had the attitude that the procedure was going to work because, as my grandfather said to me '80 percent of the success of a surgery is the patient,'" she wrote on her blog. "Attitude is everything." Often, it’s the patients who have the most innovative ideas when it comes to finding solutions for issues that come up during recovery.

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