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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Rest In Peace - Robin Williams

Hollywood actor Robin William died on Monday at the age of 63. It has been confirmed that he took his own life after battling severe depression for a while. Really Sad!! Here is someone who had fame, money, influence and success and yet still chose to take his own life. I saw an article on a blog written after Robin's death which made some sense. Read a part of it below and go here for full article.

Happiness and contentment are not found in our talents, our money, our luxuries, or our reputations. If wealthy, brilliant, beloved people tell us anything when they murder themselves, it must be that. We are all meant to lead joyful lives, and the key to unlocking our joy isn’t hidden under a pile of money and accolades.

Also, incidents like this give us an opportunity to talk about depression, and we certainly should. Only we shouldn’t turn the subject into a purely cold, clinical matter. “Chemical imbalances,” people say. “A man is depressed because of his brain chemicals, and for no other reason.” No, we are more than our brains and bigger than our bodies. Depression is a mental affliction, yes, but also spiritual. That isn’t to say that a depressed person is evil or weak, just that his depression is deeper and more profound than a simple matter of disproportioned brain chemicals. And before I’m accused of being someone who “doesn't understand,” let me assure you that I have struggled with this my entire life.

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