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Sunday, 3 August 2014

My Natural Passion for Taking Care of Children led to My Creche Business - Olatokunbo Gbadamosi

Discovering your passion and gifts is key to discovering purpose and finding fulfilment in life. Mrs Olatokunbo Gbadamosi is the Director of Buttercups Crèche and Nursery at Ibadan, she said that her natural passion for taking care of children led to her crèche business. The business is successful, very profitable and gives her great fulfilment. Read more below:

The Buttercups Crèche and Nursery boss who is a graduate of Philosophy and Business Administration from University of Ado- Ekiti, Ekiti State, and London School of Accounting and Management, also has Diplomas in Early Learning and Child Development, from reputable institutions in the UK. She said that the support of her mother and husband propelled the actualisation and the success of her dream.

Mrs Gbadamosi said: “I have natural passion for taking care of children. And I came from a very loving and large family, where children, mostly male, constantly flocked around me and I had to take care of them. So, I said to myself, if I can take care of the boys, definitely, I can take care of boys and girls. This led me into the crèche business, to practically and consciously express my passion.”

 She also disclosed that having made up her mind to run a crèche business, she decided to run it with style and with a difference. I'm not only running crèche, I also run After School Club where children, after finishing from school, come to take their baths, relax, do their home work, play and recreate for the following day’s school activities. Both the crèche and after school club run from Monday to Saturday.

“I'm always available for whoever wants to practically and professionally learn the business, because there is so much to running a crèche, especially if you want to do it right for the sake of the children, their parents and humanity,” Mrs Gbadamosi said. Mrs Gbadamosi, who had earlier worked as an Administrative Officer at Veolir Environmental Services, East London, before starting Buttercups Crèche and Nursery, revealed that crèche business gives her money and fulfilment.

Source - Tribune

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