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Sunday, 10 August 2014

Nollywood Film Maker Kunle Afolayan - I Was Born To Be A Film Maker

Nollywood film maker Kunle Afolayan has chosen a path he truly enjoys and recently shared his thoughts on why he chose to follow his passion rather than having a regular paid job. Read excerpts of his interview with the Punch below:

So what made you get into the industry eventually?It was just something I was meant to do. I went to school and studied Business Administration. I ended up in a bank and the first year I joined the bank, I started pursuing acting as a career. That was when I featured in Tunde Kelani’s film. I didn’t get to do a lot after because the bank work was tedious and I did the job for 7 years. It wasn’t until 2004 that I decided I was going to focus on being a creative person. My mind was always on movies.

In your sober moments, don’t you regret that decision? Who knows, you probably would have been a big boy in the bank now…That decision was the best decision. Even if I don’t have all the money in the world, nobody is waking me up in the morning. I wake up when I like although I even have more responsibilities because I pay salaries. But most importantly, I enjoy what I do. I feel fulfilled. I was born to be a filmmaker and I am very happy I took that decision at that time.

But your wife must feel you are spending so much resources on what you do…To be honest, recently, she raised something like that and I was devastated. She told me that my colleagues are making lower budget movies and I am putting the whole money we have in a movie, yet I complain there is no money. To me, that wasn’t nice but she was just being normal. I spend everything on work, is life really about work? Well, it was just the human being in her talking. I had to explain to her that I see the picture. This is the time for me to put all the energy; the return will come one day.

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