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Sunday, 17 August 2014

Meet The 10 Year Old Scientist From The UAE Who Wants to Change The World

Now when I see things like this, it gets me thinking about young people in my country. How much vision, drive and passion do they have to be innovative, creative and change their nation? Or better still, how much is our government willing to invest in developing the minds of these young ones?

Meet the 10 year old scientist Adeeb Alblooshi, from the UAE who has created a waterproof prosthetic leg, a small vibrating robot to help his mother clean small spaces and a seat belt that monitors a passenger's heart rate. According to CNN, a trip to the beach sparked his inventing career. When his father who had suffered from polio could not go swimming because of his prosthetic leg, Adeeb, then 6, made him a waterproof alternative using an enhanced medical wax coating. Soon after, he created a small vibrating robot to help his mother clean small spaces. It wasn't long before the media, and subsequently the Dubai government, came calling.

Adeeb, a student of Gems Wellington Academy in Dubai, says all he wants to do is help people and save their lives. “I was once travelling with my dad in his car. He used to smoke then, and was coughing a lot. He asked me what would happen if he was alone and had a heart attack while driving. I thought about it for 2 days and decided that seat belts that run across your chest could be used to measure heart beats,” says Adeeb.

He is now working on a system that can automatically send alerts to family members and the hospital if there is a major variation in the driver’s heartbeats. “If the heartbeats stop totally, it will even send an alert to the police,” he adds. Among his other ideas are a helmet used by firemen that is fire proof and automatically becomes night vision goggles in very low light. “I want to change the world. There are too many people who are in need of assistance and all that I think of is how I can be of help,” he said.

His dad, who has always been an inspiration for him, says his son’s next stop will be the United Nations. “We have had enough of war. The younger generation should start thinking about how they can contribute towards saving people’s lives rather than waging war,” he adds.

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  1. Great!! Just like you reading of these whizkids from other climes, make me wonder of our young ones. The blame is on our leaders, whose visions and goals are to loot our resources to feather their nests,