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Thursday, 14 August 2014

Inspiring!!! American Model With Vitiligo Takes On Fashion World

Chantelle Brown-Young aka Winnie Harlow is a US based model living with the rare skin condition, vitiligo and she is absolutely loving who she is. She has used what would probably crush many people to learn to love herself and live her life to the fullest. She lives positively with this skin condition despite the difficulties she faced as a child when the onset of the skin disorder first became clear. Her inspiring story has also amassed her a huge following on Instagram.

Chantelle also appeared on the hit reality TV series America’s Next Top Model, hosted by veteran model Tyra Banks. She was 4 years-old when her skin started changing pigmentation. She admits that growing up was tough as she was bullied and called names like ‘Zebra’.

Vitiligo is a rare autoimmune condition affecting the skin cells leading to discolouration. In some extreme cases, the disease does lead to a degree of photosensitivity in the eyes and the skin. It is a physically painless disease but the emotional pain incurred from social stigma, superstition and misinformation can be huge. Scientists lack adequate information about the human body’s immune system which makes vitiligo difficult to deal with. It has no cure and can only be managed.

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