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Sunday, 3 August 2014

Inspirational Video - The Little Things We Do Have Great Impact

I saw this short inspirational video which I believe relates the impact we make when we do those little things that seem so insignificant. When you listen, give a hug, lend a helping hand, share, care and give, you never know how far and deep those seeds you sow go. What do I get in return? A question many still ask today while holding back themselves from giving. These little things bring you peace, joy, serenity and a whole lot of things money can never buy.

When you are able to love sacrificially, care about others, show some compassion; you give someone hope, put a smile on the faces of others, lift many up from the valley of destruction and most importantly you are changed from inside out, you begin to see others and the world from a different point of view.
Have a great week ahead and stay inspired!!!!!

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