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Sunday, 31 August 2014

Happy New Month!!! Choose Possibilities Over Impossibilities

Guys it's 8 months gone already. Thank God for the gift of life and for hope irrespective of challenges we may have faced since the beginning of this year. The answer to many of life's questions truly lies on the table of patience. How long are we willing to wait to see those things we desire come to pass.

It maybe a dream, an idea, a project, something definite you have been waiting patiently for to become a reality. The road looks rough ahead, everything seems to be working against you, you simply have no clue how you are going to pull it off. And to crown it all, the year is slowing coming to an end. Dear friend, everyday comes with new opportunities and a new ray of hope, yesterday is gone, tomorrow is the future, but we have today to dream again, believe again and challenge ourselves.

What is that thing you want to see accomplished by the end of the year? September is here with a new song and its own gifts for you to unwrap. What you do with it  remains your choice? I choose to kill procrastination. I choose to keep believing in my dreams. I choose to love at all times. I choose laughter in my soul. I choose to see possibilities. I choose faith. I choose to keep inspiring others. I choose purpose. I choose life and I choose to be grateful.

May this new month be a September to remember. Have a wonderful and blessed month people and thank you so much for visiting this blog. I appreciate you all and I hope you find some more inspiration to keep you moving. XOXO

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