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Saturday, 16 August 2014

Founder/CEO, Easy Taxi Nigeria - 'In Entrepreneurship, Giving up Should Not Be An Option'

Bankole Cardoso is the young entrepreneur behind Easy Taxi Nigeria. His business is an online service that allows people to hire taxis from the comfort of their homes or offices through their mobile device or computers. This 25 year old is set to revolutionise the public transportation business in the country. Read his advice to those desiring to venture into entrepreneurship below:

What advice do you have for youths that aspire to venture into business?
As an entrepreneur, make sure you understand your products very well and what value it could add. Test it in every different way, make sure you render quality services to your customers. Be careful about venturing into entrepreneurship. Also, find someone that is as passionate as you are. It helps to have someone to share the burden of entrepreneurship and to help you keep focused and pushing through the tough times.

In entrepreneurship, giving up should not be an option. It should not even be thought about while going into business. Quitting half way into business shows the level of preparation or the lack of it on the part of the entrepreneur. It also means that you have not done your homework before jumping into it. If you had an idea that you believe in so much that you actually followed through, then there must be something there. I advise that you give your methods some time, or put in some more effort, and you might get the results you want. It is important to try every possible strategy to grow the business before you entertain giving up. The best thing about start-up entrepreneurs is their willingness to pursue plans.

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