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Saturday, 16 August 2014

9jaflave Talkback - Does The Presence of A Father Have Positive Impact In a Child's Life While Growing Up?

Hello to all of you wonderful who have been stopping over at this blog. I really do appreciate your time and hope you have found some kind of inspiration here. Today I am introducing 9jaflave Talkback, where we will be tackling various life issues, airing our voices and learning a few things from other people's experiences via the comments section. Today I am asking this question: Does the presence of a father have positive impact on the life of a child while growing up?

Children in their formative years need good role models and one of those who can have positive influence in their lives is a father. A father is a leader and a shepherd, he protects and guides his family towards achieving God's purposes for their lives. One memory I remember clearly from my childhood is when I was very ill, weak and didn't seem to be getting better, my dad would carry me, soothe me and pray for me, he would also carry me to the balcony of our home early in the morning so I could get some fresh air. This action and many more communicated the importance of love, care and attention in the family. 

Fast forward many years later, I would do the same and much more for my own children. Why? Because the seeds of caring totally and loving endlessly had been sown in my heart. While children may not always recognize the importance dad plays in their lives, most children long for and need a loving, involved and responsible father or father-figure. What of those children who grew up without their fathers and turned out well? How does a single or divorced mother bring that balance of a father's role into the home? So how much positive impact does a father have in the formative years of his children? Share your thoughts with me on this one.

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  1. Yes, "the presence of a father have positive impact on the child", this is not quantifiable.