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Sunday, 10 August 2014

9jaflave Soliloquy - Lessons Learned While On Your Life's Journey

I am currently reading a very insightful book by John C. Maxwell - Talent is never enough. In one of the chapters, he explains why learning is a life-long pursuit. He says: Every stage of life presents lessons to be learned. We can choose to be teachable and continue to learn them or we can be closed-minded and stop growing. The decision is ours.

While on our life's journey, we will certainly come across challenges, disappointment and many hurray moments. If you can look back deeply at how far you have come, your world is opened up to certain lessons you learnt through each challenge or difficult circumstance. It can be courage, business acumen, entrepreneurial skills or simply opening your heart to love. For me personally, I learnt patience during certain seasons of my life, fast forward to now, that virtue keeps me calm and confident irrespective of how things may look.

You may be currently doing a job that makes you sick or you are simply just a stay at home, who is getting tired of the strain and drain caring for young children can put on you. Enjoy and savour each season of your life with gladness, look for life lessons in that particular situation. Learn from every situation, grow from each difficulty and be transformed to a better person from each challenge. You will be amazed at the things you can learn while on your life's journey. Cheers!!! What lessons have you learnt on your life's journey? I am anxious to read and learn from you too. XOXO

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  1. Many, but just a few: patience, empathy, honesty, respect etc; more of such posts