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Sunday, 31 August 2014

9jaflave Soliloquy - Pastor Anita Oyakhilome Files For Divorce From Pastor Chris

Yesterday the media went hyper with a major breaking news tagged "Pastor Anita files for Divorce from Pastor Chris Oyakhilome". I must confess that when I first saw the news, I felt really sad. My brother called me to confirm if I had seen it and I said yes, this was his closing remark, "As it is now this Christianity is a personal race, you have to work out your own salvation".

Some time ago, there was rumour in the air that all was not well with their marriage, it was said that Pastor Chris even accused his wife of keeping bad friends who were distracting her. And now she files for divorce. Sad!!! I remember a meeting of his I attended as a student many years ago, this was in the heat of the crisis and criticism of his visit with TB Joshua, his wife who was living abroad already, showed up at that meeting. You can imagine the reaction from the crowd when they hugged each other. I guess that moment may have inspired hope for many looking forward to marriage, a wife being there for her husband in his trying times. And now a Divorce?

What may be wrong or must have gone wrong in this marriage remains unknown. Many have taken to social media to lash out at Pastor Anita, others at Pastor Chris and many still saying it was impossible and only a work of rumour mongers. In Nigeria, men of God are looked upon as gods who can't make mistakes or do wrong things, many members idolise them so much that their words have become the final say in their lives. So when things like this come up, they are in shock. They forget that these men of God are simply human too.

Pastor Chris is a well respected teacher of God's word who has given many lives a meaning with his messages. I am still wondering what must have gone wrong. I pray they maybe able to look within themselves, forgive each other and give the sacred institute of marriage another trial. And for many others still in denial, my brother's words hold true, this our Christianity is a personal race, you have to work out your own salvation and not wait on somebody or the pastor to do it for you. 

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