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Thursday, 31 July 2014

Sudanese Woman Who Refused to Renounce Christianity Leaves Italy for the US

Sudanese woman Meriam Ibrahim, who was imprisoned for apostasy after refusing to renounce her Christian faith, left Rome this morning for the United States. She and her family are planning to start a new life in America. Meriam and baby Maya, who was born while her mother as shackled in prison, were blessed by Pope Francis who thanked her for her courage and praised her ‘courageous witness to faith’. The brave mother said she was a little anxious about the new start. 

Her husband Daniel, a trained chemist, lost his job while in Sudan trying to support his wife through her ordeal in prison. They will be reliant on their extended family, at least at first. She said: ‘ I’m a bit scared to leave Rome. We have been very happy here. We have felt like a real family. ‘She said that they had toured the city as they waited for the final arrangements to be made for their travel, including an emotional trip to the ancient Roman amphitheatre where thousands of Christians were martyred for their faith."

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  1. Lucky woman; thank God and the people's outcry.