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Monday, 28 July 2014

9jaflave Soliloquy - Why Am I Not my Brother's Keeper?

On my way from church today, there was a crowd gathered by the side of the road. My hubby and I wondered at what could have happened at that spot. As we drove by, I saw a young man wearing a yellow shirt  soaked with blood, he laid still on the floor, while a much older man wearing white had blood stains all over and was seating confused on the floor. Clearly it was a bike accident and casualties were involved.

The crowd simply stood there doing nothing. One would have expected them to swing into action, try to move the victims to the hospital but Alas!! they just kept staring. This moment struck me as we drove past, and makes me ask, Why am I not my brother's keeper? One quick action could save a life, heal a home and bring back hope to a broken life. But just like the crowd I saw today staring at casualties of a bike accident, many of us have become onlookers at the sidelines of life. We refuse to give ourselves, our time, our minds and our resources to the helpless and weak amongst us. I am not my brother's keeper, we say, every man to himself, every man to his own cross.

The young man in yellow soaked in blood probably died today, another victim of a broken society. I lay no blame on the onlookers, after all they can only give what they have. I got home safe and turned my focus to the message in church today. Yet deep within my heart, I still wonder, why are we not our brother's keeper? Share your own thoughts with  me on this question. Have a great week!!!!

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