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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Teenage Girls in Zimbabwe Still Use Rags and Leaves During Menstruation

A news report has revealed that more than half of teenage girls in Zimbabwe still do not have access to sanitary pads during menstration. Women's Affairs, Gender and Community Development Deputy Minister Abigail Damasane said this at a ceremony to launch the International Menstruation Hygiene Day in Seke recently. She said 62 percent of young girls in rural areas use leaves or rags during menstruation, adding that 20 percent of girls miss lessons due to period pains.

"Girl children are failing Grade 7 because sometimes they do not come to school because of menstruation. They spend the whole process at home because they will be shy when they spoil their uniforms," she said. She urged churches and other organisations to establish clubs that assist these girls in making reusable sanitary wear to bring back confidence among the girls.

Deputy Minister Damasane advised the girls to embrace the idea of reusable pads because they can make them by themselves. Reusable pads are washable, affordable, portable and can be changed frequently. The menstruation hygiene day which was being held for the first time across the world, was organised to boost awareness of women's sanitary needs during menstruation. Globally, campaigners are promoting menstrual hygiene day with the hashtag #MenstruationMatters to raise awareness of the stigma and practical difficulties many girls face.

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  1. I think Nigeria is not different.