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Sunday, 8 June 2014

Singer Kefee Diagnosed With Pre-Eclampsia - Pregnancy Induced High Blood Pressure

Singer Kefee has been diagnosed as having pre-eclampsia – pregnancy induced high blood pressure. The gospel singer who is 6 months pregnant collapsed while on a trip to the US, forcing the plane to make an emergency landing, so that she could receive urgent medical attention.

But a new report by the Tribune, says that the chances of Kefee getting out of coma is slim as her situation not only requires prayers for survival, but also a miracle. “Kefee surely did not know that she had high blood pressure before she embarked on the long trip and suddenly went into coma in the air. That she is pregnant has made her situation dicey, so she will need a miracle to survive, a doctor has said."

Meanwhile, a medical doctor in Nigeria, Dr Adeyefa, shedding more light on Kefee’s condition, said:
“Kefee is in a precarious situation because of the 6 months pregnancy. If the foetus had been 9 months, the doctors would have removed the baby and saved the mother and child. As it is now, not only will the baby not survive because the carrier is in coma, Kefee may also lose her life from further complications. The chances of the mother surviving is narrow, while the kid has a narrower chance. I urge Nigerians to pray for her for a miracle because that is what she really needs,” he added.

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