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Friday, 6 June 2014

New Mothers Required by Law to Breastfeed Their Babies in The United Arab Emirates

The Emirates’ Federal National Council has passed a clause, as part of their new Child Rights Law. The law requires new mothers to breastfeed their babies for 2 full years, also men can now sue their wives if they don’t breastfeed. According to the National council, there was a “marathon debate” over the legislation, but it was ultimately decided that it is every child’s right to be breastfed.

Research has found many benefits of breastfeeding for baby, from reducing the risk of obesity to better language and motor development. However, not all new mothers are able to nurse. In those instances, if a woman is prohibited by health reasons, the council will provide a wet nurse to her. It’s unclear exactly how a mother’s ability to breastfeed will be determined though.

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