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Monday, 30 June 2014

10 Movies Every Entrepreneur Needs to Watch

I saw this article here and I felt it was worth sharing. Every entrepreneur needs some inspiration and motivation. Below are 10 movies that every entrepreneur needs to watch and why you should watch it.

1. The Social Network: It was no surprise that The Social Network was a blockbuster when it was released in 2010. After all, everyone wanted to see how Mark Zuckerberg became transformed from a Harvard student to launching the most popular social-media network in the world. Why watch it? Never mind if this was overdramatized. The film gives viewers a better understanding of how to make a startup succeed by exhibiting such qualities as being flexible and resilient. Every time I watch this movie it motivates me to be a better entrepreneur.

2. Glengarry Glen Ross: Based on David Mamet's Pulitzer Prize-winning play, this film explores the cutthroat world of Chicago real estate.Glengarry Glen Ross takes a closer look at the lies and betrayals people endure just to succeed in business. Why watch it? Unfortunately, the business world can be brutal, something you’ll learn even as a salesperson. This 1992 film illustrates just how vicious it can be.

3. Pirates of Silicon Valley: This was a made-for-TV movie released in 1999 that covers the early days of the country's leading technology hub and the eventual rise of both Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. The documentary-style movie provides an interesting take on the lives of the founders of Microsoft and Apple. Why watch it? Entrepreneurs are still looking for inspiration from these two iconic “pirates.” It definitely provides pointers to learn from.

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Rwandan Designer Who Quit Her Job to Embark on Entrepreneurial Journey

Meet Rwanda's Teta Isibo, founder of Inzuki Designs, a business start-up which specializes in jewelry, accessories and interior designs. Teta embarked on her entrepreneurial journey in 2010 when she resigned from her land management job and turned to her passion for fashion and design. For her, leaving the security of employment to start a business from scratch wasn't an easy experience, especially as since she didn't have a business background.

She had always had a flair for design but she didn't realize she could make a career out of it until she asked an artisan to craft a pair of earrings she'd drawn. "My friends all loved them," recalls the Rwandan designer. "So friends started placing orders, and then friends of friends, so it's gradually evolved through the years from a hobby to an actual full time business." What started with one pair of earrings has now become a growing business that specializes in handmade jewelry, accessories and interior décor. Its colourful and vibrant products are made with local raw materials by various cooperatives in and around the Rwandan capital of Kigali.

Fusing traditional craftsmanship with contemporary bold designs, the Africa-inspired fashion brand quickly had people buzzing. Inzuki means bees," says Isibo, explaining the inspiration behind the company's name. "It's an attitude, like a sweet but fierce attitude; the way bees give honey so they have that sweet aspect, but then you can't really mess with them because they would sting you."

Man Who Fell From a 110ft Castle Inspires Others With His Survival Story

Ten years ago, James Mclean fell 110ft down from a Scottish castle and survived. He slipped while playing on the ramparts of Greenan Castle when he was 13 years old. He lost 28 pints on blood, suffered massive head trauma and was left with shattered knee bones protruding from his legs.

Doctors were ready to switch off life support, he was given a 10 per cent chance of survival, and hospital staff went as far as inviting relatives to say their final goodbyes. But, miraculously, Mr Mclean, now 23, lifted his arm after  all hope had faded, convincing surgeons that he had a chance of living through surgery. Although his injuries have left him with limited vision, partial paralysis and epilepsy, he can now speak of his bravery nearly 10 years after the accident.

He said: 'I've no memory of the day so have to rely on eyewitnesses - The castle is just a short walk from my house and me and my friends used to play there all the time.' When I walk past it now, it helps me think about how far I've come, rather than what happened there. 'The doctors said, "If this boy wants to fight, then we'll fight too". He spent nearly 4 weeks in a coma and the swelling in his head was so bad that half of his skull was removed for 11 weeks to ease the pressure. He spent another 8 months in hospital, where he caught MRSA and septicaemia, but pulled through.

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Bald Barbie Doll Designed to Help Little Girls Battling Cancer

Just recently we were introduced to Barbie the entrepreneur, and now Mattel's latest Barbie doll is completely bald and comes with several wigs. This particular Barbie doll is designed for little girls with cancer who have to go through chemotherapy and will likely lose their hair.

Nigerian Entrepreneur and Founder of Flaming Hypermedia - No Condition is Permanent

Sogo Shodayo is a young Nigerian entrepreneur in his 30's whose grass-to-grace story will certainly inspire you. He lost his father at the age of 8 and watched his mother struggle to fend for him and 8 of his siblings. This made him to look inward to harness and hone his talent and to make the most of his life. Today he owns and runs a promising branding firm, Flam­ing Hypermedia. Read excerpts from his interview with The Sun below:

What memorable childhood experience do you have? And how has that influenced you today?
It was one morning we were all at home with nothing to eat; which was a usual circumstance at home then. Our mother went out to work to get us some food. Moments later after she left, she was carried back by some people with her feet heavily bandaged with POP. We were all scared because we all thought she had gotten her leg amputated. We learnt, that morning while hurrying to work, she was pushed off a moving bus by a conductor at Ketu. She fell into a canal at Ketu and sprained her ankle. She was carried back home by concerned passers-by.

I watched my mother groaning in excruciating pains and I felt so sad. I told myself that no parent deserved to suffer this much to raise her children and if a parent should suffer to raise her child, then that child should sit up and know what he is doing at every point in time. That was one of the defining moments in my life that I told myself that I really had to make a meaning out of my life. My dad had passed on when this happened. Many of our relations were asking how nine of us and our mother would survive without our father. And I recall my eldest brother telling my uncles that we would be fine. And all through our growing up we built ourselves up and excelled in our different fields of endeavour without much input from our extended family.

Charly Boy Embarrasses Imo State Governor Rochas Okorocha

A requiem mass organised for Justice Chukwudife Oputa at his country home in Oguta, Imo State was disrupted yesterday, when the first son of the former judge, Charles Oputa, a.k.a Charley Boy stopped Governor Rochas Okorocha from paying tribute to his late father.

The mass which was conducted by the Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Diocese, Rt Rev. Matthew Hassan Kukah, went on smoothly until Okorocha was permitted by the Bishop to pay his tribute to the fallen judge. However, he was stopped halfway into his speech, by Charley Boy who was visibly angry with Kukah for granting the governor the permission to speak. He walked up angrily to the altar and snatched the micro-phone from the governor, to the embarrassment of all the dignitaries present.

However, obviously embarrassed by Charley Boy’s action, the Governor and members his entourage hurriedly left the church service mid -way, despite entreaties from the officiating Bishop Kuka for them to stay on. It was gathered that Charly Boy’s action followed a recent statement by Government House, Owerri, to the effect that the Oputa family was given N20 million to assist it in the burial arrangements.
"The family however said that they never received a dime from either Okorocha or the state government, not to talk of the alleged N20 million said to have been made available to them,’’ as reported by the media.

Friday, 27 June 2014

Dying Wife Renews Wedding Vows on Her 60th Wedding Anniversary

A dying woman, Janet Jones recently renewed her wedding vows in a moving ceremony on her 60th wedding anniversary. The 79 year old was diagnosed with terminal cancer earlier this year but vowed to stay alive long enough to see her diamond wedding anniversary. The pair met at a dance and got married on June 26, 1954. They didn't have any children and devoted their lives to running a baby clothing shop in the town.

Mrs Jones had her dying wish realised yesterday when she renewed her vows with husband Gethin, 85, at Compton Hospice in Wolverhampton. Pictures taken at the service show the couple still very much in love, holding hands and cuddling one another. Others show a frail Mrs Jones grinning from a hospice chair. Mrs Jones said her life now feels 'complete' after defiantly vowing she 'wasn't going anywhere' until she had celebrated her wedding anniversary.

She said: 'They can keep knocking that door, but I said I am not going anywhere until I have seen our diamond wedding anniversary. And depending how I feel, I might even stay a few days longer. I now feel my life is complete. If the good Lord will give me a little more time to tell everybody how much I love them. I would very much like that, but if not, I will thank him for the time he has given me with Gethin. He has always been so kind to me and has always looked after me. 'I've loved every second with Gethin, I can't imagine having my life without him.'I know the time will come soon when I am away from Gethin for a bit, and I know he will miss me. 'But I know one day we will all be back together again.'

8 Month Old Pregnant Olympian Runs 800m Race

US National champion, Alysia Montano who is 34 weeks pregnant, ran the 800 meters race on Thursday in the U.S. Track and Field Championships. The 5-time national champion finished in 2 minutes, 32.13 seconds, nearly 35 seconds slower than her personal best of 1:57.34 in 2010 in Monaco.

"I've been running throughout my pregnancy and I felt really, really good during the whole process," Montano said after the qualifying heat. She took a nice relaxed pace from the start and maintained it throughout the race. That was according to the plan Montano laid out after consulting with her physician. Not only did doctors give her the OK to run, they encouraged her.

"That took away any fear of what the outside world might think about a woman running during her pregnancy," Montano said. "What I found out mostly was that exercising during pregnancy is actually much better for the mom and the baby. ... I did all the things I normally do ... I just happened to be pregnant. This is my normal this year."

Thursday, 26 June 2014

A Teenager's Journey from Foster Homes to Getting a Full College Scholarship

Tyree Grant was 6 years old when he was taken away from his biological mother, separated from his 3 siblings and went from one foster home to another. “It was really difficult,” he recalled. “No kid wants to be put through that situation.”

Despite the odds against him, Tyree will graduate from the Bronx School of Law and Finance at the end of June with an impressive A average. The bright teen has excelled in advanced high school courses, interned at law firms and has been active in the community through World Changers Church New York.

He credits the couple who took him in at age 8. Walter and Theresa Grant, who have 4 biological kids, adopted Tyree and cared for him as their own. “I felt accepted and there’s no better feeling than that,” Tyree said. The Grants, who went on to adopt 3 more kids after Tyree, taught him the value of education and the importance of faith, to which he attributes his success. He will attend Dickinson College in Pennsylvania this fall on a full scholarship with the help of The Posse Foundation, an organization that helps teens in urban areas attend college.

Good Grades Don’t Guarantee a Successful Life - Steve Harris

Steve Harris is a young Nigerian who dropped out of secondary school, and went on to become a published author, strategist and motivational speaker. In a recent interview with Leadership news, the author said that having good grades does not guarantee you a successful life. read excerpts below:

Do you think our present situation as a country has anything to do with the school system and quality of our education?
Most definitely. I believe over 95 percent of secondary school kids are ill suited for the courses they’re studying. You can run any random survey and find that 8 out of every 10 students will say ‘they gave me’ the course I'm studying. I also believe that schools need to develop personality profiles for each student and it should be measured from primary school up to university level and that profile should be a guide for what each child should study, since it is an inventory of his gifting. Besides, the quality of education available in a nation is directly proportional to the productivity of that nation. Garbage in, garbage out.

A number of students and graduates believe good a grade is all that matters to ensure a successful life. Is there more?Having a good grade is important. Though I dropped out of school, I don’t advise others to do the same. But I believe personal development begins where formal education ends. A number of graduates or young folks study only to pass, but not to apply. I believe examinations are not a test of intelligence, but of preparation. However, good grades don’t guarantee a successful life. That has to do with discovering purpose, living with passion, working with excellence and not giving excuses.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Missing Indian Man Reunites With Birth Mother After 25 years Using Google Earth

An Indian man, Saroo Brierley who got lost riding the train at the age of 4, was adopted and moved to Australia, has been reunited with his birth mother 25 years after. He has told his incredible story in a new book 'A Long Way Home'. Saroo was just another poor boy growing up in rural India, until he accidentally leapt aboard a train that took him a thousand miles away to a strange city. Alone, unable to speak the language, and with no knowledge of where he'd come from, he had to beg to survive until he was rescued by an orphanage and adopted by an Australian family.

Determined to rediscover his past he embarked on a virtual odyssey of his homeland and, after many hours poring over Google Earth, he managed recognise his home town and track down his mother. 
Their reunion in 2012 made headlines across the world, but now he has told his full story in a new book published this week.

He spent years looking at maps for signs of the landmarks that he knew as a child and eventually turned to Google Earth. Saroo remembered travelling for around 14 hours in the train to Kolkata. Estimating the speed of the train to be about 50mph, he calculated that his hometown could be around 1,000 miles from Kolkata. Saroo then drew a circle on a map with Kolkata at the centre.

Pope Francis Stops His Car to Bless a Disabled Woman

Pope Francis has in the past embraced a man whose face was badly disfigured and washed the feet of children in jail during a Holy Week ceremony. He has continued the win the hearts of many around the world with his uncommon acts of love. And this time around, he stopped his car on a quiet country highway while returning from a journey, to bless a young disabled woman who was waiting by the side of the road with her family to see him pass.

The leader of the Catholic Church was on his way back from Calabria, when he spotted signs asking him to stop. Disregarding any danger, he ordered his driver to stop and he got out to greet and bless the group. They approached him with the young woman, called Roberta, who was lying on a stretcher. He bent over and kissed her on the forehead before shaking hands with her family. The whole incident was captured on video and uploaded to YouTube, where it has been viewed nearly 500,000 times.

Roberta's family posted a thank-you message on Facebook to the Pope. 'I still can't believe it, thank you Holy Father...I thank the Pope for having given us a moment of great joy,' wrote her sister, Pamela. Ivan Vania, a family friend who helped make the posters that drew Francis's attention, wrote: 'Today we can say that Christ stopped in Sibari in the vestments of Pope Francis. It was very emotional to see how Pope Francis greeted Roberta, there are gestures in life that are worth more than speeches, much more than you would think...Pope Francis is unique.'

Nelson Mandela's Long Time Assistant Speaks About The Woman Who Brought Excitement Into Madiba's Life

Nelson Mandela’s long-time personal assistant Zelda la Grange, spoke recently with CNN about her time working with Madiba. La Grange was born the year after Mandela was sent to prison; she had no idea that she would end up being a confidant to the world’s foremost black liberation leader. She spoke about her first meeting with Madiba and the woman who brought excitement into his life. Read below:

Her first meeting with Mandela was “the turning point in my life,” she told CNN's Amanpour.
“He was kind. He smiled. He extended his hand, and he spoke to me in my own language. He spoke to me in Afrikaans. And that is the last thing you expect of him, because I was brought up to fear this man. And that just destroyed my defenses immediately, and I broke down and I was crying, and he said to me, ‘No, no, no, you're overreacting.’ “And if a president tells you you’re overreacting, you pull yourself together very quickly.” It would be the beginning of a lifelong friendship and alliance.

In those first years of Mandela’s presidency, La Grange said, “there was no excitement really, I think, in his life other than politics. At that stage, I mean, I didn't really think of the president entering into a romantic relationship.” That all changed during a state visit to Paris. “I got to his room and his door was closed. You know, of course the president's got a lounge and a dining room and a room and so and so – this door leading to his suite was closed.” She ran the president’s spokesman and said, “There’s a problem – the president's door is closed and there's a lady inside.”

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Meet Rwanda's First Female Commercial Pilot

Meet Esther Mbabazi, Rwanda's first female commercial pilot. The 26 year old who flies regional jets for Rwanda Air said she always wanted to be a pilot. "Growing up I wanted to be a pilot when I was 4," says Mbabazi, who became a pilot at 24. "I'd never been inside a cockpit but I used to see a plane in the sky and I imagined that thing must be flown by someone."I had to go for it. Even though it looked like a long shot, it was my only shot, that's how I saw it so I went for it, and here I am."

She continued to work toward her goal of becoming a pilot and achieving what no other woman in her country had done before. Once she completed high school, she packed her things and bought a one-way ticket to attend pilot school in Uganda. "When I went it was a one-way decision," she says. "If they bounce me, I'll just pack my things and come back so that was the way I joined pilot school, and it was a long journey."

Today the young pilot has become a pioneer in a male-dominated industry in Rwanda. Mbabazi recalls a previous incident where a passenger realized that the pilot for his flight was a woman shortly after arriving at the gate and refused to get on the flight. "The cabin crew said we'll gladly leave you behind. You've already paid the ticket, so if your reason is that basic and shallow, it's not because of safety reasons. It's just because you don't want to fly with a woman, we'll gladly leave you behind."

Monday, 23 June 2014

Australian Artist's Camouflage Paintings Earns Her 500 Million You Tube Hits

Australian artist, Emma Hack has taken camouflage to a new level with her incredible body painting. She paints nude models so that they blend into wallpaper-like background and also features live birds in her pieces.

The 41 year old who is famous for her work on Gotye's music video, paints the skin of nude bodies and has gotten over 500 million You tube hits for her amazing work on the famous music video. 

The Australian artist is set to take her work to an exciting new level as she prepares to paint a model live for the first time in a UK gallery. The 41-year-old will spend up to 15-hours illustrating the nude's skin to make her blend into the background of an artwork. See more breathtaking pictures below:

Sudanese Woman Sentenced to Death for Marrying a Christian Has Regained Her Freedom

The Sudanese woman, Meriam Ibrahim who was sentenced to death last month for marrying a Christian has regained her freedom. The appeal court ordered her release and the cancellation of the previous court ruling. The couple's 20-month-old son was also held in prison with and her newborn daughter.

Her lawyer Shareif Ali Shareif confirmed that she had been released after the court of appeal in Khartoum accepted her appeal and overturned the death sentence. 'She has been released from prison and she is on her way home with the children,' he said. 'Her husband Daniel Wani is overjoyed. He is so happy he is almost crying.' He added that for now she was staying in Khartoum.

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Ghanaian Footballer Sulley Muntari Gives Out Money to Disadvantaged Brazillian Locals

Ghanaian footballer Sulley Muntari, just few days before his country's Saturday's 2-2 draw against Germany, got special permission from his coach to venture into the neighborhood of Trapiche (near the city of Maceio, where his team is staying and practicing) and started handing out money to disadvantaged locals.

One report said he was handing out as much as R$350 (reals), which is the equivalent of about $160 to each person he encountered. Eventually, local police asked him to stop. It’s unforgettable,” a recipient named Edivaldo said. “I’ve lived in this poor community for 40 years but have never seen anything like this before. Not once has a soccer player come here. Brazil never gave me anything but Ghana did. I will support them up to the end.”

My 80-year-old mother and I received R$350,”said Inês Corrêa, who went to check out the commotion when police surrounded Muntari. “I believe that he had R$5,000 but unfortunately the police put an end to his good work. In this area we only see politicians at election time.”

Sting on Life, Marriage and Why His Kids Won't Be Inheriting His £180 Million Fortune

Gordon Sumner popularly known as 'Sting' remains one of the world’s most successful rock stars, he rose from an impoverished childhood to earning millions from his music.  The singer recalls how seeing the Queen mother many years ago made him aspire to be great. The Royal visitor was there to launch a ship built at the end of his street. The biggest vessels on the planet were hammered, welded and built there long before Gordon became Sting (named for wearing a black-and-yellow jersey, like a wasp).

The Queen Mum waved and looked at me, and I looked back at her and that was it,’ he says. ‘There and then I thought, I am going to be rich, famous, successful and drive a Rolls-Royce like her.’ He decided he would use his voice and guitar to get a big house in the country, great wealth and acclaim. And it all came to pass. The 62 year old singer also said that his children will have to earn their own way and should not expect to benefit from his £180 million earnings.

In a recent interview, the singer said he expected his 3 sons and 3 daughters to work, and added that there would not be much left to inherit anyway. ‘I told them there won’t be much money left because we are spending it! We have a lot of commitments. What comes in we spend, and there isn't much left. I certainly don’t want to leave them trust funds that are albatrosses round their necks'. They have to work. All my kids know that and they rarely ask me for anything, which I really respect and appreciate.

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Meet the Brazillian Family Who All Have 6 Fingers

Meet the Silva family, who live in Brazil and were all born with an extra finger on each hand as a result of a genetic condition known as polydactyly. But rather than recoil in the face of stares by curious onlookers, the 14 members of the family spanning 4 generations are embracing their physical difference with pride.

And during the World Cup, the Silva family relish the attention of Brazilian media, which have trained cameras on them as much of the South American nation crosses its fingers hoping the national team will add to its record 5 World Cup titles.

Nigerian Business Woman 'Bisket' - Nigeria is a Land of Opportunities

Nigerian business woman Mrs. Bisi Dan-Musa popularly known as Bisket whose business will clock 35 this year, in a recent Punch interview shares about her success.

Bisket has been in existence for a long time, how have you been able to manage it?
Bisket will be 35 years this year. It is just the Lord’s doing. I started the business early. Nobody is an expert in anything, you live by His grace. You also have to believe in what you are doing. You have to concentrate and have focus.

We learnt you didn't go to the university, why?
It was a matter of choice. I wanted it that way. My parents were extremely rich. They could afford to send me to England to study. I attended the best schools money could afford during my secondary school days. I just decided at an early age that university was not for me. I wanted to go into trading. My mother wanted us to go into trading. She was instrumental to what I eventually became. I have no regret whatsoever.

Didn't you have inferiority complex when your friends went to the university?
No way! I promised myself that none of my friends would come back and meet me wretched. I thank God that they all came back and begged me to show them the way. Even my kids asked me how I was able to make it. They also asked me to show them the way. I was the head girl in my secondary school. My closest friend was also the head girl of her hostel. We were very good friends. She went to the US after our secondary school days and became a lawyer there. But I remember she came back with an old Mercedes Benz car and asked me the secret of how I survived.

Friday, 20 June 2014

There is a New Barbie in Town, She is Barbie The Entrepreneur

Barbie the doll boasts of an extensive resume of more than 150 careers. from fashion model to nurse, astronaut, firefighter, aerobics instructor and rapper. Now, we have Barbie the entrepreneur. The latest Barbie is available in 4 ethnicities and carries the essentials of start-up life: a tablet, smartphone and briefcase.

She also comes with a marketing back story in which Mattel partnered with 8 real-life female entrepreneurs to serve as "chief inspiration officers". "Having positive role models for dolls that are inspiring young girls to be entrepreneurs is exactly what we need to inspire a generation of young women to start running businesses," Reshma Saujani, founder of Girls Who Code. Mattel says it hopes to inspire a generation of female entrepreneurs with Entrepreneur Barbie, which went on sale Thursday on Amazon. 

Meet The US Marine Who Covered A Grenade To Save His Best Friend

US Marine Corporal Kyle Carpenter, dove on top of a Taliban grenade to save the life of his best friend. He was severely wounded, with injuries to his face, jaw, and upper and lower extremities. His friend Eufrazio received shrapnel to the head. Both were immediately evacuated and survived. Eufrazio is still recovering from the attack.

"I thought about my family and how devastated they would be that I was killed in Afghanistan and never made it home," Carpenter said. "My last thought was to make peace with God, because I knew from how I felt and how much blood that I could feel I was losing, I knew that I was not gonna wake up." But he did wake up 6 weeks later and almost 4 years after the incident, the retired Corporal will receive the nation's highest award, the Medal of Honor, on Thursday in a ceremony at the White House.

"As Marines, it’s drilled into us from the moment we step on the yellow footprints, to take care of our fellow Marines," Carpenter said. In training, Marines are taught about others who have jumped on grenades in combat. At boot camp, it's even a drill that's practiced, with instructors throwing dummy grenades on the ground and shouting "Grenade!" while watching young privates fight to "save" the others. "Honestly, not patting myself on the back, but I won't say I'm surprised," Carpenter said, when asked if instinct had taken over in that moment. "Because I know that, if a thousand other Marines were put in my situation, they would do the same thing for me."

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Nigerian Entrepreneur Explores the Huge Potential of E-Learning in Nigeria

Meet Nigeria's Fehintolu Olaogun, founder of, who is exploring the huge potential of e-learning in the country. The new online learning platform was born out of the desire to solve some of the challenges to education and learning in the country. The platform allows tutors, personal trainers, teachers and consultants to market their courses, at a fee, to anyone looking to acquire skills and knowledge in a particular area. The tutors can set the price required to take the course.

Courses offered range from advice on public speaking, starting and running a business, computer programming, fashion, and student exam preparation for subjects such as mathematics. provides the tools for engaging e-classrooms with online whiteboards, documents, video and audio facilities, and the ability for instructors to create quizzes and chat live with students. To date, the most popular courses have been in learning French, which Olaogun believes is addressing a demand in Nigeria from those looking to improve their business interaction with French clients, or travel more to French-speaking countries.

Launched in January this year, offers a free trial period for tutors to test the market, and these courses are also free to learners. The aim is to attract users to experience what e-learning has to offer, explained Olaogun. So far the platform has registered around 5,000 users, with 2,000 being active. A mobile app allows learners to also participate in courses via their smartphones. According to the founder, in 5 years hopes to provide certified courses for learners both in Nigeria and across the African continent.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Parents Who Lie Will Likely Have Kids Who Tell Lies

A new research has revealed that parents who lie to their kids are likely to end up with kids who will tell lies too. The study showed that the more the children are lied to, the greater the chance of them also cheating and lying. Parents really have to be careful when communicating with their kids.

The results of the study suggest children are more inclined to lie if they discover adults have not been telling the truth, but the researchers aren't entirely sure why this is. Read more here.

Amaka Igwe's Family Say Goodbye (Photos)

Nollywood director Amaka Igwe was laid to rest last Friday, in Ndiuche Arondizuogu, Imo State. Her husband and kids said their final goodbye to a great wife, friend and mother. May God comfort and give them the strength to bear this loss. See more photos below:

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Japanese Fans Clean Up Stadium in Brazil After Losing to Ivory Coast

Even though Japan lost 2-1 to Ivory Coast in their first 2014 World Cup match, Japanese fans in attendance at the stadium in Brazil took out time to clean up their area after the match. They walked up and down the aisles filling trash bags. It is a customary practice at Japanese sporting events that they clean up after each sporting event.

The fact that they lost is enough reason to have left the stadium without cleaning up, but that customary practice has become a part of them. What touches me is the discipline and integrity to have carried out their actions after losing.

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Bilikiss Adebiyi-Abiola - An Entrepreneur Whose Enterprise is Helping to Solve Lagos's Acute Waste Management Problem

Meet Bilikiss Adebiyi-Abiola, a Nigerian entrepreneur whose enterprise is helping to solve Lagos's acute waste management problem. She was born in Lagos, but went to the United States at the age of 17, where she trained and worked as a computer scientist, before enrolling to MIT for a masters degree in business administration. It was during that time, while working on a study project focused on the problems faced by people in low-income areas, that she came up with the idea to launch a company offering waste collection and recycling services.

Her innovative enterprise, WeCyclers is using an incentive-based program to help solve Lagos's acute waste management problem. Every week, the company's cyclists peddle from door to door in low-income neighborhoods to pick up recyclable trash from registered households. Items like plastic bottles, aluminum cans and plastic sachets are all weighed and logged on site, and from there are taken to a specific sorting area where they're bagged in order to be sold to recycling factories.

In return, participating households receive points via SMS. These can eventually be exchanged for rewards, mainly donated items ranging from bowls and blenders to food products and mobile phone air time. Set up just a year and a half ago, Wecyclers has grown today to have some 5,000 households subscribed to its service. The startup has so far collected nearly 300 tons of waste, using a fleet of 16 low-cost cargo bicycles that are creatively designed to transport large cloth sacks of trash. 

Maps Reveal What Kill People The Most in Each Country

Data collected from the World Health Organisation on worldwide mortality rates and causes of death in various countries, after being shown on a map revealed that for each country, there was a particular leading cause of death. 

The maps were created to show what kills people the most in each country. The leading cause of death on the African map was HIV/Aids while Heart disease dominated the entire map. See more maps below:

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful dads in the world. You are special and highly appreciated. For all your care, love, prayers and provision, we say thank you.

To my hubby who is a great father, I appreciate and thank you for being there and leading our family in love. To my father, thank you for caring and praying for me. God will never forget your labour of love. To my father in-law, God blessed me with you. He will keep you and fill your heart with laughter.

To all those desiring to be fathers. God will grant you the deep desires of your heart. You are all special and make the world a better place. Stand firm in this great leadership role bestowed on you by God, live your lives in such a way that your children will learn true values and character. Keep soaring and never give up. Happy Father's Day!!!

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Charles Igwe Pays Tribute to His Late Wife Amaka Igwe

Nollywood director Amaka Igwe was laid to rest yesterday at their family home in Imo state. Her hubby, Charles Igwe shared his own tribute to her during the service of songs. Read below:

Amaka, Thank you for the memories, for the joy, for the grace evident in you, the passion for God, for the truth, for life, for doing right, for loving, for creating, for giving, for caring, for family, for making memories and you did make memories, for me, for our children, for family, for the nation, for the world.

I am thankful for the times we had together and for the gift you were to me and to this world. I am grateful to God for sharing me in this world with you. I do know that you have peace now, free from the labours of our world, present in the majesty and light of our Lord, for whom you lived and in whom you moved and had your being. I will see you again, we will see you again. This is to say I miss you, our children miss you. However I say thank you, my life with you was an amazing life. Till we meet again… Charles.

I Do Not Believe That APC Government is Honest - Senator Kofoworola Bucknor-Akerele

In a recent interview with the Punch, former deputy governor of Lagos state, Senator Kofoworola Bucknor-Akerele, has said that she does not think the APC government is sincere and honest. Read excerpts below:

The report is online in which you were quoted as saying “the rascal called Tinubu” and that his party- the APC- should be voted out of Lagos State.Well, I believe we should get APC out of Lagos State because I do not believe that APC government is honest. I think a lot of its governance is done on the pages of newspapers and on television screens and not real governance. And also, I don’t think that they are governing in the interest of the people. If you look at it, what have they really done for the ordinary man? They’ve broken down markets, rebuilt and driven all the original people in the markets out. They have given the markets out at huge sums of money. The ordinary woman who was in the market before selling pepper can’t afford millions of naira to buy a stall.

 So what are they doing in the interest of the people? Then there is the question of the toll gates. You add one lane and then you build a huge toll plaza to collect money from the people, what is that doing to help the people? When that road was built originally, there was no toll on it. And if you are adding just one lane, I don’t see why you should be tolling it. For instance, they claim they are building low cost houses, but can any low income earner buy a house for N29m? So, these are the things. Then concerning the schools, they are building all these so-called millennium schools, and yet the ordinary schools are in dire state- the windows are falling off, there is no roof. It’s all being reported in the papers, so what sort of governance is that?

Friday, 13 June 2014

Motion Seeking National Recognition for MKO Abiola Rejected at National Confab

A motion seeking national recognition for the presumed winner of the June 12, 1993 Presidential election, late Chief Moshood Abiola, was rejected at the ongoing national confab. The motion, which was moved by Orok Duke, saw the delegates divided along regional lines as those from the southern Nigeria favoured the motion while those from the North rejected it. Those who were opposed to the motion, led by a representative of the civil society, Mallam Nasir Kura, were shouting “no!, no!”

Orok Duke, said that apart from Abiola, others that died as a result of the annulment of the election deserved to be honoured. He specifically asked for the permission of the plenary to pay tributes to all those who died, including Abiola, who he described as the one who spearheaded Nigeria’s democracy.
Duke added that the conference should cause the authorities to always remember “June 12 as a watershed in the history of Nigeria. I suggest that a monument in tandem with what the conference had proposed for other heroes and heroines should be recommended in honour of MKO Abiola.”

The anti-June 12 delegates, which included Umaru Mohammed Hadejia, representing Jigawa State, continued their opposition to the motion, but Duke refused to be intimidated. He argued that the country could not afford to carry on as if June 12 never existed, and further argued that many Nigerians died on that day. “June 12 is a preamble as to why we are here today, it is for the continuation of an unfinished business of 1993 that we are here. Moshood Abiola paid that ultimate sacrifice and it is not something we can wish away and assume that it never happened to us."

Ugandan Entrepreneur - Young People Should Open Their Eyes and Look Around Their Environment for Business Opportunities

Ugandan entrepreneur Andrew Mupuya is the founder of YELI, the first locally registered paper bag and envelope producing company in his country. His business has grown to manufacturing 22,000 paper bags a week, supplying 83 clients across Uganda. These include retailers, hospitals and flour manufacturers. He has also diversified his line to include gift bags.

YELI currently employs 20 people, including a 56 year old father of 8, and has also opened a distribution outlet for bags and envelopes that is being run by his mother. Mupuya is putting himself through university and is currently completing his final year of a bachelor’s degree in commerce at Makerere University.

Mupuya, who has trained over 500 individuals in making paper bags, believes that entrepreneurial success takes hard work, honesty, networking and making use of available resources. He added that young entrepreneurs should open their eyes and look around their environment for business opportunities. “Young people should focus on turning challenges into opportunities, and learn how to be independent at an early age,” he advises.

SAD!!! Nigerian Gospel Artist Kefee Passes On

I heard of Kefee's death earlier on today and really felt sad. Branama crooner Kefee Don Momoh passed on in the early hours of today at the US hospital where she was taken to after she collapsed and went into a coma. She never came out of the coma. Her husband also confirmed her to a Star FM staff, where he works. May her soul rest in peace. Read her manager's official statement below:

On behalf of the family, It is with a great sadness but grateful hearts that we announce the passing to glory due to lung failure this morning of our God’s mouth piece, chorus leader, daughter, wife, sister, friend Kefee Branama Queen. May her beautiful, gentle and precious soul rest in perfect peace. AMEN!!! 

PS: In contrast to all earlier rumors and stories in circulation, I do state that Kefee wasn’t 6 months pregnant and neither did she have pre-eclampsia.
For the family
Adeline Adelicious Adebayo
(Kefee’s UK Manager)

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Ruby Igwe Pays Emotional Tribute to Her Mother Amaka Igwe

A Service of Songs was held in honour of late Nollywood Director, Amaka Igwe at the Archbishop Vining Cathedral in Lagos. Tributes poured in from different sectors but one tribute stood out that evening, a daughter's emotional tribute to her mother. The first child of the late nollywood director, Ruby Igwe paid a touching tribute to her late mother. Read below:
“We are all here this evening grieving Amaka Igwe who we love and we are inspired, influenced or maybe intimidated by. I also know that there are many here who she, by God’s grace, mothered, trained and raised. I am sure you would agree that our mother had a unique spirit. Her priorities make her seem infuriatingly odd because they were so good. However, she left this earth as one of the most successful people I have ever known,” Ruby stated.
Describing her mother as a professional who touched several lives, Ruby noted that the late deceased never considered herself to be a know-it-all, even as she never sold herself short. In her words, Amaka’s contributions to the creative industry were indeed of a much bigger picture. “She received a passion and talent from God. She utilised it, became an expert and did not hesitate to share her expertise. How she spread her wealth of knowledge is baffling."

UNILAG Produces Africa’s Youngest PhD Holder

The University of Lagos yesterday awarded a PhD to 24 year old, Olaoluwa Oluwadamilola, who is now Africa’s youngest PhD holder. Oluwadamilola had the best PhD thesis, titled: “Studies on Fixed Points of Contractive and Expanding Maps in Multi-Dimensional Spaces”

According to Oluwadamilola, he began his PhD in 2010, courtesy of a scholarship from the General Overseer of the Deeper Christian Life Mission, Pastor Williams Kumuyi. He spent the minimum 3 years for a PhD scholar in school. On his challenges during the programme, he said: “As a Christian, my schedule is very tight. I am focused. There were times when I faced distractions from friends who wanted to take me out. There is nothing bad in it, but it can make you concentrate less. There were times when I had job offers and was tempted to take them."

“I was discouraged at the beginning. One gets a feeling at the beginning of one’s doctorate programme that all the research topics had been considered by previous scholars and so there is nothing else to do, except for the most complicated ones that are most times beyond one’s ability. “Sometimes when you send your papers to international journals, they return it for one reason or the other. That does not mean your work is not good enough, but it can be very discouraging.” On his next plan, he said: “I want to take another doctoral programme, which will be in either Mathematics or Physics. I will think of what topic to choose before I eventually go ahead.”

British Vogue Features 'Hesey Designs' By Eseoghene Odiete in July 2014 Edition

Eseoghene Odiete who is the CEO of 'Hesey Designs' was one of the winners in the Google Africa Connected Competition that took place recently. The young nigerian entrepreneur now has another reason to smile, her designs have been featured in the July 2014 edition of British Vogue. Read what the magazine wrote about her designs:

The Award winning Hesey designs is a Nigerian fashion label that specializes in creating custom-made apparels and accessories for women. Blending their exotic creative designs with African prints, they produce unique and fashionable items. ​Just recently, the brand gained more recognition when she won the Google Africa Connected Competition.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Angelina Jolie Moved to Tears at The 'End Sexual Violence in Conflict' Summit

Hollywood Actress Angelina Jolie was moved to tears today at the ongoing  'End Sexual Violence in Conflict' summit in London, which she is co-hosting with Foreign Secretary William Hague. The actress was enable to contain her emotions, coming close to tears as she listened to victims of sexual assault speak about their experiences.

She also spent time with the victims, discussing the issues they face and embracing delegates.The summit is the largest ever held on subject of sexual violence in war.  

Austin 'Jay Jay' Okocha's All Time Favourite Football Stars

Nigerian football star, Austin 'Jay Jay' Okocha during a recent chat revealed some football stars who are his all time favourites. See his selection below:

Best goalkeeper: Oliver Khan although he admitted hating goalkeepers
Best Defender: He has 2; Uche Okechukwu and Taribo West. Austin Eguavoen (most feared)
Best Midfielder: Ronaldinho
Best Striker: Rashidi Yekini (RIP)
Best Manager: The manager that gave him his first chance in Frankfurt; Stefanovic
Best Soccer league: English Premiership
Best Refereeing: German League followed by English referees

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Nigeria's Lola Udu on Quitting Her Job and Going Into the Hair Care Business

Meet Lola Udu , an accountant by profession who has her eyes set on revolutionizing the hair care industry in Nigeria. After her under-graduate degree from Wayne State University, Lola worked for KPMG in Michigan before heading back to get an MBA in International Business and Advertising Marketing. She returned to Nigeria to establish Lo’Lavita, an international brand that offers luxury quality hair extension pieces; accessories, electronic styling tools and hair care products. Lola says Lo’Lavita is poised to give hair care in Nigeria a 360° spin. Read excerpts below:

What was the first thing you ever sold?
I’ve been selling since I was born. When I was at Queen’s College I sold food to the boarding school students. I would look for other things that I could buy from the outside and sell on the inside. I was always looking for a way to get money. I can’t really pinpoint when I felt I became a fully-fledged sales person but I know that I can sell any and everything.

What was the first thing you sold from a business angle?
It has to be hair. When I got into that, I thought I could make something out of it. I got into hair while I was studying for the CPA, a professional accounting qualification. At that point I thought I could put in my best into the things I do. I started the web store and I was still working full-time. As it grew and the demand became too much I decided to quit my job and venture into hair full-time. Lo’Lavita is now a full blown company and corporation. I registered it in 2009 but we really started operations in 2010.

Monday, 9 June 2014

The World’s Largest Prenatal Class

Check out the World’s Largest Prenatal Class in China. A group of 505 pregnant women have set a new world record while practising yoga together. Dressed in purple leotards, the women were a sight to behold as they did the group yoga in Juzizhou Park for 37 minutes and 28 seconds under the watchful eye of Guinness Record officials.

They broke the previous record of 423 pregnant women doing yoga together that was set in Shenzhen, southern China's Guangdong Province, in 2013. The 505 women all produced medical proof showing they are 12 weeks or more pregnant.

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Yaya DaCosta to Play Whitney Houston in Lifetime Biopic

Yaya DaCosta has been cast as Whitney Houston in Lifetime’s 2015 biopic based on the late entertainer’s life. DaCosta began to make a name for herself by first appearing on Cycle 3 of “America’s Top Model”. She also starred in Lee Daniel’s “The Butler” and a number of other independent films.

In the upcoming film, DaCosta will play Houston during her early success in the music industry and during her volatile relationship with singer, Bobby Brown. The film, tentatively titled “Whitney Houston” will be the directorial debut for actress Angela Bassett who starred alongside Houston in the fan-favorite “Waiting To Exhale”. She said in a statement: “I have such regard for both Whitney’s and Bobby’s amazing talents and accomplishments; and I feel a responsibility in the telling of their story. Their humanity and bond fascinates us all. I’m beyond excited to have this opportunity to go behind the camera and into their world.”

DaCosta hails from Harlem, New York and is of African-American, Brazilian and Nigerian descent. She is a graduate of Brown University. She married independent film producer and director Joshua Bee Alafia in 2012 and gave birth to their son Sankara in fall of 2013.

Singer Kefee Diagnosed With Pre-Eclampsia - Pregnancy Induced High Blood Pressure

Singer Kefee has been diagnosed as having pre-eclampsia – pregnancy induced high blood pressure. The gospel singer who is 6 months pregnant collapsed while on a trip to the US, forcing the plane to make an emergency landing, so that she could receive urgent medical attention.

But a new report by the Tribune, says that the chances of Kefee getting out of coma is slim as her situation not only requires prayers for survival, but also a miracle. “Kefee surely did not know that she had high blood pressure before she embarked on the long trip and suddenly went into coma in the air. That she is pregnant has made her situation dicey, so she will need a miracle to survive, a doctor has said."

Meanwhile, a medical doctor in Nigeria, Dr Adeyefa, shedding more light on Kefee’s condition, said:
“Kefee is in a precarious situation because of the 6 months pregnancy. If the foetus had been 9 months, the doctors would have removed the baby and saved the mother and child. As it is now, not only will the baby not survive because the carrier is in coma, Kefee may also lose her life from further complications. The chances of the mother surviving is narrow, while the kid has a narrower chance. I urge Nigerians to pray for her for a miracle because that is what she really needs,” he added.

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Bill Clinton, Oprah Winfrey, Others Celebrate Maya Angelou at Memorial

At a memorial for Maya Angelou today, former US President Bill Clinton paid his personal tribute to the celebrated writer and Poet, who died last month at the age of 86. Clinton had chosen Angelou to read a poem at his 1st inauguration in 1993. The original composition, 'On the Pulse of Morning', went on to became a best-seller.

Arkansas-born Clinton said he first read 'I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings' in 1970, when he was a law student. 'I was struck dumb,' he said. 'It was set about 25 miles from where I was born. I knew the people she was talking about, I knew about the problems she was facing ... this little kid was paying attention.' He added: 'She may have stopped talking, but she never stopped paying attention.
Clinton, who spoke after rousing music by the Bobby Jones Gospel Choir, said: 'Her great gift in an action-packed life was that she was always paying attention.'  'She was without a voice for 5 years and then she developed he greatest voice on the planet. God loaned her His voice,' Clinton said. 'She had the voice of God. And he decided he wanted it back for a while.'

Media mogul, Oprah Winfrey gave a teary address to her 'spiritual queen mother' who taught her 'the poetry of courage and respect'.  She said, 'Angelou had many daughters throughout the world. She made us feel heard, and seen, and loved, and special, and worthy.' She also recalled how Angelou had stood by her side through many tough times, and was always there to offer advice and to remind her to be strong. As she wiped tears from eyes, Oprah said she never stopped learning from Angelou, and said: 'The first time she called me daughter I knew I was home.' 'I can't fill her shoes,' Oprah added, 'but I can walk in her footsteps.'

Russia's Maria Sharapova Wins French Open

Russia's Maria Sharapova, beat her Romanian opponent Simona Halep, today at Roland Garros, to win her 2nd French Open title in the last 3 years and the 5th Grand Slam of her career. Sharapova won in 3 sets 6-4, 6-7, 6-4. Congrats to her.

Breaking News: Professor Dora Akunyili is Dead

Former Director General of the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) and former Minister of Information, Professor Dora Akunyili, has died. 

She passed away after a long battle with an undisclosed ailment. According to Sahara Reporters, her death was confirmed by a family source. Friends and colleagues like former minister, Femi Kayode have also been tweeting their condolence messages.She was 59. May her soul rest in peace.

Lade Couture - The Fashion Label Owned by a Young Nigerian Medical Student

Toyin-Kehinde Toluwalade is the face behind Lade Couture, an African Inspired design label. The young nigerian medical student came into the scene in August 2013 with handmade African print bow-ties and hairpieces. Her love for african print, its vibrant color and the elegant beauty that comes with it gave birth to her label.

She recently showcased her latest collections at the prestigious hall of the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Her dresses, for both informal and formal occasions, were made from ankara, aso oke, velvet, chiffon and adire. It is quite inspiring to see a medical student leave her comfort zone to create such unique designs. According to her, each piece is designed to suit every individual.

Man Born Without Limbs Shares Inspiring Message About His Life

Nick Vujicic was born without arms or legs as the result of a rare disorder called tetra-amelia syndrome, he has gone on to become an internationally known author and motivational speaker who helps people of all ages overcome the emotional and physical barriers in their lives. But his journey was not a smooth ride. Read his inspiring message below:

“For many years I felt it was sort of foolish to believe that God loved me when he gave me less than everyone else,” the 32-year-old said. “I just wanted to have fun or get involved in things my friends were doing. It was difficult to believe that there was hope.”And kids are cruel. Vujicic said bullies often tormented him, sending him home from school crying.  “At age 8, I looked at my life and I didn’t really feel that my life was worth living, so I thought the only way to end my pain was if I end my life,” he said. “At age 10, I tried to drown myself.”

But despite his suicidal inclinations, Vujicic said that the guilt he had over the pain he would have caused his parents held him back from following through and the depths of his desperation remained a secret from his parents for quite some time. “My parents felt helpless sometimes, all they could do was the best thing they did, plant those seeds of love and encouragement,” he said. “Even though they didn't see much fruit from their encouragement they continued.” An injury eventually ended up changing Vujicic’s perspective.

Chibok - Escaped School Girl Reveals What Happened to Her While in Boko Haram's Den

According to a Punch report , more revelations have emerged shedding some light on the traumatic experience the missing Chibok girls maybe going through, based on the account of one of the escapees. 3 girls have so far escaped from the terrorist group, Boko Haram, who abducted over 200 girls from a government secondary school in Chibok, Borno State on the night of April 14, 2014.

A clergy and expert on counter-terrorism, Oladimeji Thompson, of The Omoluabi Network, who has been working with other groups to assist victims of the abduction overcome their pains, gave a chilling narration based on an account of one of the escapees. He said, “One of the girls I interviewed was being raped 15 times by 15 men every day.” He said the girl was traumatised and confused.  It’s obvious this girl needs to be managed. She looked confused. She found it hard to talk to me but  after much prodding, she confessed to me that she was raped 15 times by 15 men throughout the time she was with the Islamic insurgents before she could escape from their den.

“A girl who has been raped by 15 men every day, you say you negotiate to get her back and release a terrorist who will go out and kill more. What negotiators do is to say that they must not tell their stories, they blanket all the information. In a situation like this, it is the Boko Haram that wins more.” Asked if the girl was not pregnant after her ordeal in the hands of the insurgents, the pastor, probably in an attempt to protect the schoolgirl, declined further comments asking our correspondent to move to other issues.

Friday, 6 June 2014

New Mothers Required by Law to Breastfeed Their Babies in The United Arab Emirates

The Emirates’ Federal National Council has passed a clause, as part of their new Child Rights Law. The law requires new mothers to breastfeed their babies for 2 full years, also men can now sue their wives if they don’t breastfeed. According to the National council, there was a “marathon debate” over the legislation, but it was ultimately decided that it is every child’s right to be breastfed.

Research has found many benefits of breastfeeding for baby, from reducing the risk of obesity to better language and motor development. However, not all new mothers are able to nurse. In those instances, if a woman is prohibited by health reasons, the council will provide a wet nurse to her. It’s unclear exactly how a mother’s ability to breastfeed will be determined though.