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Thursday, 1 May 2014

Teenager Involved in Horrific Car Crash Defies All Odds to Stay Alive After 200 Operations

Catrin Pugh is a young woman with a great inspirational story of survival against all odds. She spent 3 months in a coma after she was pulled from the wreckage of a coach that smashed into a cliffside in the French Alps last year. Only the soles of her feet and parts of her scalp were untouched by the flames. She has had to undergo more than 200 operations, was on a life-support machine for 90 days, while medics said her odds of survival was just 1,000/1.

Miss Pugh, who had been set to start an event management course at Manchester University before the crash, says she only has hazy memories of the disaster, caused when the vehicle's brakes failed. She says she can recall the coach going up in flames, and being at the side of the road yelling that she was in pain, before she fell unconscious.

Her treatment has so far cost £1 million. She underwent skin grafts from her mother and brother, and had further skin artificially grown in a laboratory. During her recovery she has had to learn to walk again, as well as many everyday skills such as cooking and washing herself. 'At first, I thought I'd never get better and there was no future for me. But I would say to anyone faced with big hurdles in their life, remember there's an upside to everything and a silver lining around the corner,' says Catrin. 'Make sure you listen to your friends and family when they are telling you it's going to be ok.'