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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Sudanese Woman Sentenced to Death for Marrying a Christian Gives Birth to Baby in Jail

The Sudanese woman, Meriam Ibrahim, who is facing execution in Sudan for marrying a Christian has given birth to a baby girl in prison. The baby was born in the hospital wing at Omdurman Federal Women’s Prison in North Khartoum and is said to be healthy. Meriam who has spent the past 4 months shackled to the floor in a disease-ridden jail, gave birth 5 days prematurely.

The female doctor was sentenced to death by hanging earlier this month after being found guilty of converting from Islam to Christianity and marrying a Christian man, U.S. citizen Daniel Wani, who lives in Manchester, New Hampshire. She will receive 100 lashes before she is executed within the next two years. Before the birth, Meriam made the defiant claim that she would rather die than give up her faith.

In a heart-wrenching conversation with her husband during a rare prison visit, Meriam told him: 'If they want to execute me then they should go ahead and do it because I’m not going to change my faith.’ She insists she has always been a Christian and told her husband she could not 'pretend to be a Muslim' just to spare her life. She told him: 'I refuse to change. I am not giving up Christianity just so that I can live. I know I could stay alive by becoming a Muslim and I would be able to look after our family, but I need to be true to myself.’
Daniel, a 27-year-old biochemist, said: 'My wife is very, very strong. She is stronger than me.
When they sentenced her to death I broke down and tears were streaming down my eyes. Our lawyers were passing me tissues. But she stayed strong. 'She did not flinch when she was sentenced. It was amazing to see, particularly because she is the one facing the death penalty.’

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