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Monday, 26 May 2014

Spectacular Cake Creations from a Former NASA Engineer (Photos)

BethAnn Goldberg who has a masters degree in engineering, is a 41-year-old retired NASA engineer. After she left her job at Nasa, she didn't want to dump her keen eye for detail. So this mother of 2 from California, USA, started experimenting in her kitchen and ended up crafting spectacular cakes which will simply blow your mind away.

Her amazing creations, which can take days to make, include the likes of muddy trainers, record decks, rusty cars and even a replica of the Disney character Wall-E. Her first cake  was a 3D caterpillar which she made to celebrate her daughter's first birthday. But after impressing her family and friends with her incredible creation, orders started pouring in. Ms Goldberg now works full-time bringing amazing scenes to life using icing and sponge.

She has outgrown her kitchen and now works from a studio. She also says her Nasa background is to thank for the intricate detail which is a trademark of all her cakes.She said: 'NASA taught me about passion and dedication - I met the most innovative and creative people there who didn't have big budgets or fancy labs but had the dedication and grit to learn and understand.' I learned natural problems had natural and graceful solutions. Cake design is not a dramatic change in my mind, it's just applying the methodology I soaked up from a wonderful institution to another medium.  'I'm passionate about problem solving and I adore cakes - completely logical step in my mind.'

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  1. This is creative and indeed spectacular. This reminds me of one of Bishop D. Oyedepo's teachings on the necessity of paying attention to details.