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Sunday, 25 May 2014

Mrs Chinelo Okeke on Buidling a Rewarding Enterprise Selling Ice Blocks

Mrs Chinelo Okeke, reveals that her decision to delve into the production and sale of ice blocks has handsomely paid off.  Initially, she only produced and stored small packs of ice blocks, so that her freezer maintained its chilly temperature.

She did it consistently until, “one fateful day, when my husband called inquiring about the ice blocks in the freezer. He told me that certain people were in need of it and were willing to pay for it. I went and brought out the five packs that I had and sold them for N50 each. I made N250 and was amazed that one could earn such amount after selling just few blocks of ice. That spurred me to seriously consider the prospects of production and sale of ice blocks,” she said.

Armed with the basic knowledge of the venture,  and her N250 , she invested N70 of it to purchase nylon bags and started announcing her business by erecting a small signpost informing her neighbours and passers-by about what she does. And “before I knew it, people started trooping to purchase ice blocks. I was selling at N70 per block. And in no time, I sold all my blocks and from the N70 I invested, I got more than N1000”, she declares. And today, the N70 she sowed into ice block making has multiplied into a cash base of over N350,000. Mrs Okeke is now the proud owner of Mabel Concept, a 3- year-old profitable enterprise located at Adelabu Street, in the Aguda, Surulere area of Lagos.

According to Mrs Okeke, to start, you need to first and foremost know your environment and identify your buyers, acquire a deep freezer, or preferably an ice-block making machine; a neat source of water supply and nylon bags. Then you can also have a bus or car that takes your ice blocks to your target market apart from those who come to buy from your home or shop.

“I advise that in this line of business, take time to inquire and understand where to site your ice block factory. First, identify and secure your buyers. Then, it is very important to have some form of mobility to help in supplying your blocks to clients in diverse areas. But, I wouldn't advise beginners to operate mainly with generator because it would triple the cost of your blocks.”

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