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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Mother Brutalises Her Own Children, Inflicts Injuries on Them With Knife and Cutlass

How can a mother do this to her own children? According to a Nation report, Mrs.Toyin Abiodun has been accused of brutalising her children and inflicting injures on them. The woman who lives with her 4 children in a one-room apartment at Akute- Odo, Ogun State, uses the same room to cook, eat, washes, defecate and bathe herself and her children.

According to her co-tenants, Toyin abuses her children by locking them up and using cutlass, knife and belt to beat them. Their heads and bodies are full of scars while their hands are dislocated. Teachers at the school her children attend, described the situation of the 3 children as pathetic. One of the teachers with tears in her eyes said, “The eldest one is in Primary Two at age 11, yet he cannot read or identify numbers one to four, he is always afraid and his speech is blurred and can no longer reason well, this is as a result of abuse from her mother.” 

Another teacher who was full of pity said “The children are always afraid to go home when it is time for them to go.They said their mother used to beat them with any object from knife, cutlass, belt to iron. These kids need to be rescued before it is too late.” The teachers reported the plight of the children to their community head. The children also revealed that their mother would give them caps to cover their heads in order to avoid their scars from being seen.

One of the children Dejitade said his mother uses stick, cutlass, and knife to beat them. He said it is true that she maltreats them always. He said she does not care. “She would put knife in the fire and use it to cut our body. Damilola, 4, said she does not want to live with their mother again. “My mother is wicked”, she kept on saying.

Oba Aleeh Idowu Akindele, the Alakute of Akute said the case has been reported to him from the school the children attend. He said, "I have called the landlord to confirm what was happening in the house and he said it is true. I have instructed them to call the human rights organization to wade into the matter. I don’t believe we can allow the children to still be under the mother’s care. We need to rescue the children.”

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