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Saturday, 17 May 2014

Meet The Chinese Painter/Decorator With One Leg Who Runs a Successful Business

Li Shuang, lost two third of his left leg to a cancerous tumour in 2005. He feared that he would be an unemployable cripple for life, unable to work and a burden to his family, when he was forced to amputate his leg. But the 39 year old simply refused to give up on life.

'But sitting around moping and feeling sorry for myself is really not my style,' he declares. So I decided that one legged, or no legged, I was going to persevere and make something of my life. And that is what I did.' Shuang now employs a number of disabled people struggling to find work and plans to expand.

Known to the people of Changchun, north east China, as 'Hoppy', he made a name for himself by offering to work for free. When they saw that he was as good as able-bodied competitors, the work flowed in. Today he has a team of 40 employees and his dream is to change society's view of disabled people. 'They deserve the kind of chance that I found for myself,' said Li. My dream is to keep on expanding the business and keep on employing people who have disabilities who can't work anywhere else. 'This is a positive way of showing society that the handicapped have just as much to offer as anyone else.'

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