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Friday, 16 May 2014

Many Nigerian Artistes Lead Fake Lives – Duncan Mighty

While many of our artistes are busy flaunting material acquisitions on social media, some people are solving problems and brainstorming on how to make the world a better place. Someone said, ' The crisis in your generation is an opportunity to bring about change.' I really wish our artistes who have been given the power of influence and resources will start now and truly make visible impact in our nation rather than focusing on mundane things.

Nigerian reggae/dancehall artiste Duncan  Mighty, is often considered to be Nigeria’s most ‘famous anonymous artiste’, by music critics. This irony stems from the fact that despite his hits, Port Harcourt Boy, Obianuju, Dance 4 Me, Kolliwater, Sanko and Jesus Bu Eze, his face is not seen everywhere like that of other successful singers in the country.

The singer wants his colleagues to be modest in their dealings, considering the ostentatious lifestyle of most Nigerian artistes. “A lot of Nigerian artistes’ lead fake lives. They claim to be what they are not, just because they want to meet up their peers and fellow artistes. I live in my own house (it has a swimming pool, lounge and studio) and I make bold to say I didn't buy it. I built it from the scratch. But a lot of these artistes will claim they bought a house for N300m or N400m".
“But I didn't spend up to that amount to build my house. If you have that amount, say N500m, you don’t go and buy one property. There are many things to do with money. They claim they have state-of-the-art cars, but that is not my priority. I have choice cars, but it takes a lot of money to maintain such cars.”

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