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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Husband Returns to Sudan to Save Wife From Death by Hanging

Husband to the Sudanese woman Meriam Yehya Ibrahim Ishag, who was sentenced to death by hanging by the Sudanese government, has returned from the US to try to save his wife.

Daniel Wani who is a Sudanese man with U.S. citizenship has been living in Manchester, New Hampshire and his wife became the focus of worldwide news last week after the Sudanese government sentenced her to death. She is 8 months pregnant. The Islamic court considered Ishag a Muslim and did not recognize her marriage to Wani, a Christian. That constituted a crime of adultery and she was sentenced to receive 100 lashes. The court also found her guilty of apostasy by converting to Christianity and sentencing her to be hanged.

The flogging and the death penalty were to be delayed until after she gave birth.Wani and his brother, Gabriel Wani, grew up in Sudan but moved to New Hampshire. His brother said that Daniel has returned to Sudan to try and save his wife's life. “I’m just praying for God. He can do a miracle,” he said. “Everyone is depressed. You don’t believe it. It’s shock.”

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