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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Happy Children's Day - Give the Nigerian Child a Future and a Voice

Today is Children's day!!! It is a cold and rainy morning and I know this will limit the activities lined up today by many schools and organisations. Many of these children are ready to have a great day filled with activity, dance, food and laughter. But after all of that, what does the future really hold for the Nigerian child?

Children are the bedrock on which every society stands. In every nation, every race and every culture, the same purpose holds. They are the future and play a major role in determining the voice and strength of a nation. Yet my heart weeps for the Nigerian child whose future is being swayed in the hands of poor leadership. The pictures they see in their little hearts today are the pictures they will likely grow up to believe and accept.

Over 200 school girls who were abducted over a month ago in Chibok are yet to be released. This is just one of the sad tales of the Nigerian child. Many children still die at childbirth in a country where our leaders allocate huge sums of money to themselves after they leave office. Many children still do not have access to quality education, they hawk and trade on the streets trying to make ends meet, they have no jobs after getting their degrees, they are raped and abused, they are hungry and without shelter. And even for those that are privileged - kidnapping, accidents on bad roads, poor healthcare and the latest which is bomb blasts. So is this the Nigeria we are leaving for our children?

As we reflect today and celebrate our children, let the voices of these children speak. Let us become true role models they can look up to. Let us teach them that true leadership is about service. Let us stand up and make laws that will protect them. Let us improve their living conditions. Let us give them hope and faith for tomorrow. Let us invest in their minds. Let us place premium value on their lives even from the moment they are born. Let them feel safe in their own country. Let them have cause to dream again. Let us leave a lasting legacy of love, service, compassion and dedication. But it all begins with you and I. From our homes, to the schools, workplace, organisations and government. Nothing will change until we commit ourselves to give our children a voice. May God help us.

Ufuoma Fijabi

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  1. All they are asking from us is HOPE as shown by the Boy.