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Thursday, 15 May 2014

Father Captures His Daughter's 18 Years in Pictures

The bond between a parent and child is uncommon. As a parent you cherish every moment and you will do all you can to make life long memories. Suman Bansal from Kent in the UK, has been photographed every single day of her life since she was born on May 16 1996, totalling an astonishing 6,575 pictures. 

She turns 18 tomorrow and her father Munish has documented her life from conception. And now every single image has been pieced together to make a giant portrait of the teenager for her 18th birthday.

The proud father would mostly take the pictures in the morning before school, but sometimes in the afternoon when they got back home. 'Initially it was a hard challenge, but it has become like a routine. Naturally, it is a big commitment,' he says. Munish started by taking pictures of his wife Rita's ultrasound images when she was pregnant in January 1996 and has since captured her growing from baby to toddler to schoolgirl to college student.

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