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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Delegates at Ongoing Conference Vote for Payment of Tax by Churches and Mosques

Delegates at the ongoing National Conference on yesterday voted that religious organizations in the country should pay tax to the government. The decision came up when a delegate representing civil organisations, Mallam Naseer Kura, during his contribution on the report of the Committee on Religion, said that religious leaders were making much money and should be taxed.

Kura complained that pastors were making too much money at the expense of the people and that many of them owned private jets and universities. He said with the amount of money that the religious leaders made, they should be made to pay tax to the government. 

If the recommendation is passed into law by the National Assembly, it means that churches and mosques in the country will begin to pay tax to the coffers of the government. When it was put to vote, the delegates in unison voted ‘yes’ in support of the motion that religious bodies should pay taxes.

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  1. Yes, they are overdue for tax.