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Sunday, 4 May 2014

'Amaka Igwe Gave Me The Platform for Stardom' – Bob Manuel-Udokwu

Tributes have continued to pour in for the late Nollywood director, Amaka Igwe who passed away one week ago. Some Nollywood actors have been speaking out on the great impact she made in their careers. Nollywood actor Bob Manuel-Udokwu said that he met the then Amaka Isaac-Eneh in Enugu where she was conducting auditions for her upcoming television soap opera, Checkmate.

"I attended the audition and passed. I was cast as Richard Haatrope in the pilot episode which was shot in Enugu and Udi, her home town in December of 1989. It hit the airwaves in April of 1991 and was an instant huge success! It ran from 1991 to 1995 and has not been rivalled ever since!" While still on the set of Checkmate, I was spotted by Kenneth Nnebue, who invited me to be part of a movie titled Living In Bondage. It was shot and released in 1992. The success of Living In Bondage led directly to what is now known as Nigerian film industry (Nollywood.)

By God’s grace, I credit Amaka Igwe with providing me the platform that elevated me to a celebrity today in the entertainment industry, worldwide, with lots of awards to show. She was a star maker!
"There was never a dull moment around her,whether during movie production or not. She was a gifted writer, storyteller,hard worker and a core professional. There will never be anyone like Amaka Igwe nee Isaac-Eneh” he said.

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