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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

3 Young Nigerians Set to Launch

3 young Nigerians are set to launch a new music service called next month and they intend to crack the code of digital music distribution in Africa. Their idea is to offer a large collection of Nigerian music, both old and new on their mobile app /websites at a price of N30 per track, and allow people to pay for them with their phone credit.

Founded by 3 friends, Tola Ogunsola as CEO, Dolapo Taiwo as CTO, and Damola Taiwo as COO who all met about 14 years ago in the Department of Computer Science and Maths at Babcock University, the team says the platform is launching to the public with a bang. “We are of the opinion that nobody has yet been able to crack the code of digital music distribution in Nigeria. We believe we have a winning strategy, a combination of processes, ideas and best practices to help Nigerian artistes get the reward they duly deserve for their creative work as well as connect them to their rightful consumers, assuredly a global one,” Damola said.

“We had always known day jobs were not our thing. We had all been involved in some entrepreneurial engagement at one point or the other. We were just looking for the next big problem to solve when the issue of music discovery and distribution in Nigeria stared us in the face. We thought we could give it a good shot based on all our experiences and here we are today.”  He says the business model is simple and that though people who have the drive to steal music will continue to do so, the platform’s Mantra is to make stealing music more trouble than it’s worth by making digital music easy to find and purchase and price it reasonably, the vast majority of people will choose to buy rather than steal.

Damola and Dolapo are brothers and they run a web and branding agency in Nigeria called Unotech Media. With Unotech, they have consulted for various businesses and organizations as well as state governments and political campaigns on branding and web projects. Now down to business, the three are happy with the way Nigeria’s start-up scene is shinning. “The start-up environment in Lagos is buzzing at the moment, “says Damola. ” 

The world needs to come here and see what people are doing. People are proffering solutions to various problems ubiquitously and I am sure that startups will be the next economic giants in Nigeria in the nearest future. The population is massive and this is just the beginning.”

Upcoming entrepreneurs should know that the only thing standing between them and their goal is the story they keep telling themselves as to why they can’t achieve it. “In everything you do make sure you’re creating value first and your business model is clear. Returns (money) always run after value,” Damola concludes.

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