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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Prolific Director/Producer Amaka Igwe Dies at 51

Sad!!! One of Nollywood's leading directors, Amaka Igwe has passed away at the age of 51. She died last night April 28th in Enugu after an asthma attack.

She was in Enugu alongside her husband for pre-production preparations for a new Igbo soap when the sad incident occurred. She was immediately rushed to the hospital after initial intervention had failed but died before getting there.  Mrs Amaka Igwe is survived by her husband of 21 years Charles Igwe, 3 children and an aged mother. May her soul rest in peace.

Born Amaka Isaac-Ene, the deceased was an accomplished writer, producer, director, entrepreneur and teacher.  She is the founder of BoBTV Expo, founder and CEO of Top Radio 90.9FM, Amaka Igwe Studios, and the newly-launched Q Entertainment Networks.  A visionary and pioneer of modern Nigerian TV drama and film, she hit national limelight as the writer and producer of award-winning TV soap 'Checkmate' and its off shoot 'Fuji House of Commotion'.

Her Nollywood projects include RattleSnake and Violated - 2 critically-acclaimed movies that set apart Amaka Igwe Studios in the much-criticised Nollywood industry. Amaka Igwe studied Education/Religion at the University of Ife and a Master's Degree from the University of Ibadan.She worked as a lecturer at the Anambra State University of Technology and briefly in oil and Gas, before settling for the motion picture industry.

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